OutDaughtered Spoilers: Busby Family CRUSH Halloween, But Also Offend

OutDaughtered Spoilers: Busby Family CRUSH Halloween, But Also OffendOutDaughtered spoilers last year revealed that Danielle Busby relented and let the girls dress up in spooky outfits. Recall, Adam often terrorized the quints with his hideous costumes. However, in 2020, they mostly went a bit more into the spirit of it. Mind you, the twins looked anything but scary. This year, the whole family went all out for it. Many TLC fans seemed stunned and agree that they totally crushed Halloween.

OutDaughtered: Busby Family Looked Forward To Halloween, 2021

Earlier this month, Danielle revealed some of the decorations at the front door. She told fans that she previously hated it when Adam terrified the kids. However, they all seemed so excited this year. On Instagram, Danielle showed a photo of the Halloween decorations at the front door. Later, on YouTube. Adam posted up a video that showed all the kids completing the rest of the job.

It looked like none of the kids would suffer nightmares, and when Adam tried scaring Riley, she just thought it was funny rather than terrifying. Clearly, at six years old the OutDaughtered quints grew out of their terror. On October 31, Adam revealed everyone in their final outfits. Actually, Hazel, Blayke, Adam, and Daniele were easy to spot. But, the rest of the quints were hardly recognizable.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Crushing Halloween Costumes

Little kids just love Halloween and it probably comes in second only to Christmas. So. fans loved it that the entire family decked themselves out with such excellent costumes. Posting up three photos, it really didn’t seem easy to check out who was who. Only Hazel’s cheery little handwave really gave her away. Plus, Parker lost a leg somehow.

OutDaughtered Spoilers Busby Family CRUSHES Halloween

OutDaughtered fans raved about the Halloween costumes. One of them commented, “Y‘all look [so] good in those costumes Then another fan wrote, “Ow my goodness! They even took [off] Parker’s leg for the costume!” This comment also arrived: “y’all crushed it!!❤️” More compliments followed, but some people felt that they culturally appropriated a nation’s culture.

Culturally Offensive?

Some critics slammed the OutDaughtered family for their theme. One of them angrily wrote, “This is highly offensive! The day of the day is not a costume- it’s a highly spiritual day where loved ones who have passed are remembered. Our culture is not your costume!” The follower wanted them to rather “respect” and “embrace” the Mexican culture correctly.

Meanwhile, other Busby family followers thought it might be a good opportunity to educate the kids. One of them wrote, “Beautiful! Such an opportunity to teach them about the culture behind the makeup and what it all represents!”

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