RHOBH Star Lisa Rina Shares About Lois In Touching Thanksgiving Moment

Lisa Rinna and Mom Lois

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH)  fans heard that Lisa Rinna took to the bedside of her mom, Lois, as she suffered from a stroke. The news arrived on social media on November 10.  Now, on Thanksgiving, Lisa returned to social media to share a bittersweet but precious moment that happened on Thanksgiving.

RHOBH Fans Felt Very Sad For Amelia Gray – Lois Passed Away

Bravo fans heard that Lois never recovered from her stroke and she passed away on November 15. Lois wasn’t young but fans still saw her dancing and doing exercises and she seemed forever young. That of course, is just a dream, and like other elderly folks, she eventually came to the time to say goodbye. When she passed away her granddaughter Amelia Gray shared some photos and posted up a tribute to her.

RHOBH fans liked Lois who sometimes appeared in the show. Or, her daughter Lisa Rinna talked about her. Lois was born in June 1928 in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. In her 90s, her sudden collapse and death caught the family unprepared.  Still, death, when it comes, even in terminally ill people, always shatters the lives of their loved ones. So this Thanksgiving, her mom was uppermost in Lisa’s mind.

RHOBH Star Lisa Shares A Personal Thanksgiving Moment

The family honored and remembered Lois at Thanksgiving dinner and it seemed very touching. In fact, Lisa said that “We all cried.” She also thanked Stephanie Hoover “for a beautiful Thanksgiving 🕊🙏🏼♥️.” The lovely table setting revealed that next to Lisa’s place, Lois Rinna’s place card was right next to Lisa’s.

RHOBH Star Lisa Rina Shares About Lois In Touching Thankgiving Moment

The RHOBH star wrote,This was the sweetest most unexpected moment tonight, behind my place card was a card for Lois.” She also shared a video clip. In the clip dedicated to Lois, Lisa danced to Bill Wither’s song, Lovely Day. She said, “Never had so many things to be grateful for…love each and every one of you. Counting all my blessings today… the only person I’m missing is my lo lo.”

Real Houseives Of Beverly Hills fans Comment

RHOBH fans took to the comments section and one of them wrote, “Lois is everywhere and watching over you ❤️.” Then another one said, “What a lovely amazing gesture. My gosh, so respectful.”

This comment also arrived: “Aww how beautiful and sweet Happy Thanksgiving Lisa to you and your family.❤️ Lois will always be with you.”

Well, people need to believe that, and hopefully, the thought helps Lisa Rinna and her family cope as they grieve for her mom. Hope is something that everyone clings to, especially on Thanksgiving when departed friends and family seem to draw closer.

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