Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown And Daughter Truly Live Close To Aspyn In Utah

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown And Daughter Truly Live Close To Aspyn In UtahSister Wives Spoilers suggest that Christine Brown and her daughter Truly Brown have moved to Utah very close to Aspyn Thompson and her husband Mitch Thompson. Did Christine move to be close to her children?

Christine And Kody Have Split

Sister Wives Christine recently left Kody Brown after 27 years of marriage. Christine had expressed her desire several times to move back to Utah, especially after polygamy was ruled a misdemeanor. However, Kody and the other three wives wanted no part of Christine’s plans. Kody pretended to be ok with this until the time came to talk to the other wives about the move.

Christine has not been happy for some time and that has been obvious. Christine often blamed her feelings on jealous issues but that doesn’t seem to be all there is to it. Christine’s issue had a lot to do with being homesick and unhappy in her marriage. Covid forced her and Kody’s issues into the forefront. Now the truth has come to light and Christine has moved on. Hopefully, Christine will be happy with her new life.

Christine Is Minutes From Her Daughter

Sisterwives Christine was always close to all of the children. Christine was the mother to not only her kids but Janelle’s as well. However, Christine has missed having her kids around and is thrilled to be close to Aspyn again. Christine’s daughter Mykelti lives in Utah as well. Now that Christine is closer to her kids she may be happier than living in Arizona away from all of her children. Is this move what she has needed all along?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown And Daughter Truly Live Close To Aspyn In Utah

Christine’s Single Life

Sister wives’ Christine seems to be loving being back home in Utah. Christine has been seen promoting her LuLaRoe and Plexus businesses on her social media accounts. Christine looks much happier than she did while living in Arizona and is no longer stressing over the Coyote Pass property the family had purchased over two years ago. Christine’s cousin has stated that she believes Christine’s popularity from Sisterwives has given her the courage to walk away from this marriage that she has been unhappy in for years. Being back in Utah also offers Christine a support system that she doesn’t have anywhere else.

Now that Christine is single, could she try to find another polygamist family to move into? Will Christine be satisfied living on her own after all these years? In all honesty, most of the time, Christine has taken care of her children without Kody’s input so this is really no different. Hopefully, now that Christine has gotten away from Kody and the disfunction that was their marriage, she can truly be happy.

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