Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Diagnosed With Covid-19

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Diagnosed With Covid-19Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Kody Brown has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Covid-19. How does the patriarch feel after chastising his entire family repeatedly for not adhering to his standards?

The Reveal Happened In A Birthday Cameo

The Sister Wives star recorded a birthday Cameo for a customer’s friend who had been diagnosed with Covid-19. Kody revealed in the Cameo Video that he knew how Mimi felt because he has received a Covid-19 diagnosis as well. From the information gathered from the video, Kody acts like his diagnosis was so time ago but he didn’t reveal a time frame. Kody also didn’t seem to be sick or reveal that he was sick now. However, here is what Kody did have to say in his video.

“Your daughter Aleah wanted me to let you know that I empathize with your situation with COVID — not completely, but I’ve had it and it did bad things to me. It was really hard. And, uh, boy! A tough thing to deal with! So I am very sorry about that.”

Kody also did not reveal if anyone else in the family had been diagnosed with Covid-19 either. However, Covid-19 does seem to be a huge part of Season 16’s drama.

Season 15 Featured A Very Judgmental Kody

Sister Wives Season 15 dealt with the beginning of the pandemic and Kody issuing orders on how the family would deal with that. Meri Brown’s daughter with Kody, Mariah Brown returned to Meri’s Flagstaff home with her fiance’ Audrey Kriss. Kody would not visit the girls until they were quarantined for two weeks and he ended up missing them as they went to Utah before his visit.

Kody openly chastised Christine Brown, even expecting her to postpone their daughter Ysabel Brown’s surgery for scoliosis. When Christine refused to postpone the surgery, Kody promptly refused to accompany them for the surgery because of the time he would have to stay away from the rest of the family. Kody further attacked wife Janelle Brown for her and her children’s way of handing Covid-19.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Diagnosed With Covid-19

“She (Janelle) doesn’t want to hear it. Frankly, I think Janelle’s lazy about an ounce of prevention.” Kody was upset because Janelle’s boys were working outside the home and spending time with friends. At one point Janelle even told Kody not to visit her to keep the rest of the family safe.

The Covid-19 Drama Continues

The Season 16 trailer shows that Kody has continued to put for strict Covid-19 protocols. Robyn is setting with Janelle as she is reading over a list of rules. Janelle ask if those are the rules followed at her home. Robyn insists that Kody made the rules, not her. Kody states that he doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life. Meri reveals the whole family had been quarantined for months. Fans are certainly curious to learn where Kody got Covid and if any of his other family members were diagnosed as well.

Sister Wives Season 16 premieres November 21 at 10 am

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    Kody is really off the walls!! He thinks he is a king..haha…not…the wives are wising up!

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    The “rumor” of a 5th wife for more children . New wife/wives (for future children) will just be cash cows to drain more $$ from TLC.

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