The Duggars Spoilers: Jessa Duggar Joins New Talent Agency

The Duggars Spoilers: Jessa Duggar Joins New Talent AgencyThe Duggars spoilers reveal that Jessa Duggar has joined a new talent agency as her brother, Josh Duggar’s trial is looming. We all found out about Josh’s charges of possession of child pornography earlier in 2020 and his trial is starting this November.

It seems that many of his family members have started to run from the family and for good reason. It looks as if Jessa is getting ready to return to television and this time, by herself.

A Talent Agent For Jessa

Jessa has always loved being on television with her family, but now that the word is out about her new talent agent, it looks like she is trying for another show. Some of her fans think that she was one of the first of the Duggars to completely step away from her family. Is Josh the reason for this?

According to her social media accounts, Jessa has been trying her best to stay in the spotlight, while her other siblings are running the other way. Many of the Duggars have a talent agent already, but Jessa has chosen a completely different agent and this shows that she really does want to branch out and do things on her own.

The Duggars Spoilers: Jessa Duggar Joins New Talent Agency

Jessa and Her Family

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, have been raising their children together and we don’t see them that much on television. They do post on social media and it looks like they want their own show. Could they be the next Duggars to make it big?

A source that is close to Jessa told fans, “Jessa’s change in representation- until now, all of the Duggars who listed a rep… listed Jenny from the Gift Shop. Jessa has jumped ship.” The new agency is a talent and influencer agency and this makes many fans think that she is heading toward more of a focus on her social media status and maybe not television. We will just have to keep an eye on what happens next with her and Ben with this agent.

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