Unexpected Star Max Schenzel Reveals New Girlfriend

Unexpected Star Max Schenzel Reveals New GirlfriendUnexpected star Max Schenzel first appeared on the TLC show with Chloe Mendoza. It all went horribly wrong, and to this day he still rages about her on social media. Many fans felt that when she ditched him she did the best thing for her and their daughter Ava. Well, on November 1, he shared a photo of himself with another woman and he told fans that she’s his new girlfriend.

Unexpected Star Max Schenzel In Trouble With The Law

If you’re familiar with the show, you know that Max came along with a shady history. Fans discovered that he was in trouble for using a credit card that wasn’t his. Additionally, he had a history of drug problems. In fact, he seems unconcerned that he might end up in jail one day. Chloe wanted him, if that happened it was all over. Anyway, since then she took out a restraining order against him. So, he can’t communicate with her family or Ava.

Unexpected fans saw that Max Schenzel, who stayed behind bars, crowed with delight. That came when he heard about Anthoney Vanelli facing charges of allegedly committing a crime with a gun. Well, all that happened was he got a lot of heat from TLC fans. Fans know that he got very nasty with Chloe. Plus, fans felt it was hypocritical to slam other people when he went to jail himself.

New Girlfriend For The Unexpected Star?

Max Schenzel took to Instagram and shared a few photos of his new girlfriend. There was also a short clip of them playing arcade games. His caption read, Halloween weekend was one for the Books 🎃 ❤️.” Then, a fan asked him, “Is that your girl [?],” adding, “she’s beautiful.” In reply, Max said, “yes it is!!!”

Unexpected Star Max Schenzel Reveals New Girlfriend

Unexpected fans who know he apparently completed rehab, chatted about her, One of them said, “Good for you wish you both the best and congrats on your recovery.”  Meanwhile, other fans thought that she bore a strong resemblance to Chloe Mendoza. One fan penned, “She looks like Chloe with smaller eyes 😂 she’s pretty though.” Mind you, some folks disagreed. Still, as one fan noted, “He definitely has a type lol.”

Will Max Stay Out Of Trouble With His New Girlfriend?

Fans know that what Unexpected star Max Schenzel says, sometimes deviates from the complete truth. So, fans hope that he won’t let any new girlfriend down. At the moment, Fans don’t know her name. However, no doubt, Internet sleuths will track her down. So, keep an eye out for that.

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