Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Celebrates Thanksgiving Without Randall Emmett

Lala Kent Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent had her baby, Ocean. Fans saw after she moved in with Randall Emmett, she lived in a dreamland of luxury. However, determined to maintain her independence she also supported herself with her own business ventures. Just as well, as it now looks like she and Randall Emmett split for good. So Lala celebrated Thanksgiving without him in the company of her daughter.

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Keeps A Positive Attitude

Randall Emmett apparently cheated on Lala when he visited Nashville. At first, fans just laughed it off when she removed his photos from her Instagram.  Business as usual they thought, it’s gonna all be over by next week. But, it seems it was much than a spat and it might never again be the same relationship they had. But Lala keeps herself focused on her business ventures and her baby.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 9 premiered, a lot of critics bashed Lala Kent. With the cast changed, the dynamics shifted, and suddenly, those who previously let her take charge seemed to hit back. On Twitter, fans seemed happy that people don’t stand for her nonsense. One fan wrote, “Knowing that this season on VPR NO ONE is taking Lala’s sh-t makes my YEAR!” Well, that came before the news about Randall and the split. Now, Lala showed her maturity levels.

Vanderpump Rules – Randall Emmett Split, Lala Focusing

Lala Kent seems way bigger than the person she used to be, folk agree. Perhaps it was motherhood. or perhaps, it was the dispersal of friends and allies who left the show. Whatever it is, she seems like a strong and caring mom these days. Fans seemed impressed with her attitude when she shared about Thanksgiving without Randall.

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Thanksgiving Without Randall Emmett

The Vanderpump Rules star recalled that this time last year she still waited for her baby to arrive. Then she noted, “Here I am, with an 8 month old daughter, in a very different place than I was in last year.” Well, that’s true as Randall certainly isn’t in the picture this Thanksgiving. She added, “but I will say, I am so happy, and I am so grateful. This little angel face has changed my world, being the light in times that could be dark.” She ended with: “Let’s remember what’s important, today. Happy Thanksgiving to you, all 🤍.”

Bravo Fans Comment

Vanderpump Rules fan commented on the post by Lala Kent. One of them wrote, “It’s so commendable of you to focus on the good. That’s how growth happens and God grants you even more.”

Another Bravo fan said, “I think you are so brave and strong. You are sober, and going through some tough times. You always keep it real.”

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