Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: How Does Micah Plath Feel About His Move To Los Angeles?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: How Does Micah Plath Feel About His Move To Los Angeles?Welcome To Plathville Spoilers indicate that by the season finale of Plathville, Micah Plath had packed up and moved to Los Angeles to the shock of most of his family. How does Micah really feel about his big move?

Micah Changed His Plans Last Minute

Welcome To Plathville’s Micah was supposed to move to Tampa, Florida with Ethan Plath, Olivia Plath, Moriah Plath, and Max Kallschmidt. However, Micah changed his mind last minute and moved to Los Angeles. It seems that Olivia knew about this plan before but thought Micah had changed his mind.

Olivia was stunned to see that Micah had left before the rest of them packed up for Florida. However, now they are out of the Georgia town and away from Kim Plath and Barry Plath, something Kim said she knew they wanted. Now that Micah had settled in Los Angeles, how does he feel about his move?

Micah Seems To Like L.A.

Welcome to Plathville’s Micah seems to be happy enough in Los Angeles. Micah’s posts do show how much he misses his family though. However, fans remember at one point he had taken some voice classes for acting because he wanted to assume multiple options when it comes to working.

Micah’s striking good looks, he should certainly try acting as well. However, Micah’s posts of his family on his social media accounts reveal that he misses being with them and could be a bit homesick. Micah loves to tease his sister Moriah who certainly misses her brother as well. Moriah seemed very worried about her brother when she told Olivia that Micah had already moved.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: How Does Micah Plath Feel About His Move To Los Angeles?

Fans Are Worried About Micah

Some Welcome to Plathville fans are worried about Micah being in Los Angeles alone. Micah is completely naïve because of the sheltered life he has led. Fans are worried that Micah will be taken advantage of. Fans are also worried about the high price of living in Los Angeles and Micah’s tendency to speed. Will Micah be ok in Los Angeles alone? Micah has done really well after leaving the Plath family home. After all, anything is better than being under the thumb of Kim and Barry.

Micah feels that their parents didn’t have time to invest in all of them and that is why Micah never got close to his parents. Micah rebelled against his parent’s rules and moved out. Will Micah be ok in Los Angeles with his new friends? Could Micah join his family in Florida soon?

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