What Does Kody From Sister Wives Do For A Living?

What Does Kody From Sister Wives Do For A Living?Fans have often wondered what the elusive Kody Brown does besides star in Sister Wives. Kody has constantly been since from day one of the series buying new cars, building new homes, and moving from place to place. Where does Kody get the money to do all of this?

Kody Speak On Cameo About Work

According to tvshowace.com on August 13, 2021, Kody opened up a bit about his job. Here is what the Sister Wives star shared. Kody, of course, mentioned being on the show and earning money from it. Eventually, he moved on to the real question. Kody began to describe himself as an “entrepreneur.” However, he then decided to elaborate a bit on what he does do. Kody goes on to say that he has had the same type of job for several years and considers himself to be good at it.

Kody also says he is very passionate about his job. Kody says he and his partner work with collectibles at trade shows. Kody goes on to say that the collectibles are often precious metals. Kody also admits that COVID pretty much caused them to shut the business down for about a year and a half causing him to seek out other ways to make money for the family.

The Pandemic Changed Things

Considering that trade shows were non-existent for a while Kody was forced to resort to Network Marketing/MLMs, Reality TV, and his family’s best selling book of course. Kody says that he has a lot of projects going these days but he considers himself to be a collectibles merchant. Celebrity Net Worth has Kody’s net worth listed as $800,000 but that seems to be a bit low for a man with four wives and all those children.

What Does Kody From Sister Wives Do For A Living?

How Much Do They Make From The Show?

It has been reported that Sister Wives brings in over $400,000 a year. However, considering that taxes come out of that plus the number of people that Kody is responsible for, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money. In 2020, MeAww has reported that the family members are paid 10% of each episode that airs on TLC which meant that Kody Brown and each of his wives earned from $25,000 to $40,000 for every episode.

However, we don’t know if this has changed since COVID or not. It is also evident that each wife has income outside the show as well. Therefore, even this amount of money has not been enough to completely sustain the family.

A few months ago it was reported that Kody had delinquent taxes as well. Since then both Christine and Janelle’s properties have been sold and Christine has moved away from the family. Janelle has recently announced that she was moving into town for the winter. This could certainly change the money coming into the family as well. However, presently the family seems to be in a better place at least financially.

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