Who Plays Zoe on The Bold and The Beautiful?

Who Plays Zoe on The Bold and The Beautiful?Zoe Buckingham is a rather recent character added to The Bold and the Beautiful repertoire, having joined in 2018.

She came onto the scene as a model and artist working for Forrester Creations.

Zoe was introduced to the show, in 2018, as a somewhat unstable British character who was stalking her ex-boyfriend who is none other than Xander Avant.

Later, she loses the British accent and becomes a more lasting character on the show.

So who is playing Zoe Buckingham now and what is in store for the role in the future?

Who is Playing Zoe Buckingham and Where is she Going?

After her arrival on The Bold and The Beautiful, Zoe Buckingham quickly became a fan favorite, but it didn’t come easy.

Actor Kiara Barnes worked hard to bring the character to life and, as a result, more doors have been opened for her in the industry.

Because of her work as Zoe, Barnes has been offered bigger and better roles and as a result, fans are now wondering if she is leaving the soap or if she will continue to portray the popular character.
The Bold and The Beautiful actress was recently picked to fill a role as Ruby Okoro in the highly anticipated reboot of the 1980’s fantasy drama Fantasy Island which originally starred Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke.

Her Fantasy Island character comes in as a guest on the island, but after she is miraculously healed, goes to work on the island and becomes a permanent resident.

Who Plays Zoe on The Bold and The Beautiful?

Actor Kiara Barnes’ New Role on ‘Fantasy Island’

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, the actor is now set to step away from her role as Zoe Buckingham so that she can devote her time to her new role on Fantasy Island.

Now fans are wondering what is going to happen to Zoe Buckingham.

Will she be killed off as so many characters in soaps like The Bold and The Beautiful are?

Will writers write in a loophole that will have Zoe leave Genoa City in a fit of anger?

This would at least leave the role open for Barnes to periodically maintain the portrayal.
If you’re curious about how the writers will handle Zoe Buckingham catch new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 PM Central on CBS.

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