1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Can Tammy Slaton Still Have Surgery?

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Can Tammy Slaton Still Have Surgery?1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that some fans are concerned about Tammy Slaton and if it is too late for her to have weight loss surgery. Tammy’s weight has been an issue to her health and viewers are concerned that she may not be able to lose enough weight now to have the weight loss surgery. This could be devastating to her and her family.

Health Issues

Tammy seems to have lost all motivation to lose weight now. After checking herself out of the rehab center that she was in, we haven’t seen many changes in her diet or exercise. When Tammy was dating her ex-boyfriend, it seemed that he wanted her to gain weight because of his fetish for larger women. Now her current boyfriend seems to be the same way. If she keeps up, she won’t be able to have the surgery.

The third season of the show seems to be going much better for her right now. She has started a water aerobics class and she really liked it. Her home health nurse has started to get her to walk every day, but she still lacks the motivation that she needs to lose weight.

Fans Pull For Tammy

Ever since the first season, fans have really been pulling for Tammy. They want her to gain the motivation back, but when she keeps choosing men who have fetishes for large women, she just can’t win. It has come up that she also has a tracheostomy tube from when she was in the hospital. This makes fans think that no doctor will do the surgery on her if this is how she is breathing now.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Can Tammy Slaton Still Have Surgery?

Things continue to get worse for Tammy, but we do hope that she can at least lose weight so that her health will get better and she can eventually have the weight loss surgery. Viewers are excited to see what the seasn holds for her and Amy.

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