1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Fans Are Curious About Darlene Slaton

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Fans Are Curious About Darlene Slaton1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that viewers of the show are curious as to who Darlene Slaton is and what is her role on the show. Season three is here and we have seen a lot of new cast members jumping onto the show. Amy and Tammy Slaton seem to have quite a few more family members showing up and the newest one is Darlene Slaton.

Darlene Back in the Picture

Tammy and Amy have talked about their mother quite a bit on the show and there are some viewers who hold her accountable for letting her daughters’ weight get out of hand. On the latest episode of the show, the sisters decided it was time for them to go have tea with their mother.

Darlene and her daughters haven’t always been on the best terms. It seems that her relationships with all of her children have been pretty rough now that they are all adults. She hasn’t been very supportive of Amy and Tammy throughout their lives, so why is she back now?

Tammy and Amy Explain

In the newest episode of the show, Amy and Tammy explained more about Darlene. They told cameras, “Growing up we didn’t get very much attention, didn’t get very many hugs. I’m not saying our mom didn’t care. I’m just saying she didn’t know how to show it. I’m thinking that her family didn’t know how to show it.” Darlene is now 60 and will be 61 on Christmas Day. She lives in Kentucky near her daughters.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Fans Are Curious About Darlene Slaton

Darlene has five children with her first husband and no one really knows why they divorced. She then married a man named Robert Franklin, who died in January of 2021. They had two children together as well, so Darlene has quite a few children in her life. Why is she not close to them anymore?

Viewers were shocked to see her on the show and are now convinced that nothing anyone does makes her happy. It just seems like she doesn’t like anything at all!

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