1000-LB Sisters Spoilers Make Fans Angry – Slam Tammy For Hating

1000-LB Sisters Spoilers Make Fans Angry – Slam Tammy For Hating1000-LB Sisters fans fell in love with Tammy Slaton before she and her sister Amy Halterman appeared in the TLC show. The duo brought many existing fans with them as they became very popular on YouTube. There, they laughed and their antics made fans laugh as well. However, as the show progresses into Season 3, spoilers reveal a bitter and ugly side to Tammy. So, fans seldom see anything to laugh about, Now, they slam her for being such a hater on her sister.

1000-LB Sisters Season 3 Spoilers Reveal Ugly Tammy

In the last episode of the TLC show, fans saw that Tammy went to the doctor for a weigh-in, Grumpy about being there, she soon got even grumpier. She left rehab too early and started putting on weight again. In fact, she became even heavier than in the first season. Recall in Season 1, she and her sister Amy both tried to lose weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. Amy succeeded, and Tammy failed. That was really the first time that fans saw an ugly side to Tammy, who seemed to sulk about Amy’s success.

1000-LB Sisters fans see that as time goes by, she becomes more and more bitter towards Amy, In Season2, Amy gave birth to a son named Gage. So, she lost weight, which Tammy failed to do. Plus, she has a little boy now, and her own family. These days, instead of waiting hand and foot on her sister, Amy rather leaves a lot of it to the nurse. However, Tammy gives the nurse a hard time with her tantrums. Some fans think she’s losing it. Meanwhile, others think she’s absolutely green with jealousy.

1000-LB Sisters Fans Slam Tammy For Being A Hater

Spoilers for Monday’s episode emerged in a teaser for the show. It came on the Instagram page of TLC. In the short clip, Tammy cursed at her sister. She also raged about Amy who pays her bills. In fact, she told her sister that she only pays them because her husband “takes her there” to do so.  Additionally, fans got angry because Tammy mocked her sister about getting “a life.”

1000-LB Sisters Spoilers Make Fans Angry - Slam Tammy For Hating

Like TLC fans, 1000-LB Sisters star Amy seems terribly worried about Tammy. In fact, folks fear that unless Tammy does something to lose weight soon, they could end up reading her obituary at any time. At this stage, some tough love from Amy seems desperately needed. However, Tammy becomes more self-centered and less likely to make any effort herself. So, in anger fueled by concern, fans slammed her.

TLC Fans Slap Back At Tammy Slaton’s Outburst

1000-LB Sisters fans took to the comments and told Tammy a few home truths about hate. One of them wrote, “without her sister she’d probably already be dead. She needs to be grateful that anyone tolerates her.” Then another one wrote, “Why are you so angry with your sister. They just want you to get better.” 

More comments arrived and this one told her off: “If Amy didn’t live next-door to you you wouldn’t get anything done stop bitching !!” Then this comment came in: “Tammy is a hater on her own sister,” 

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