90 Day Fiance Accuser Expands On Allegations Against Syngin Colchester

90 Day Fiance Accuser Expands On Allegations Against Syngin Colchester90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester faces some very serious allegations but he hasn’t yet responded to them. Perhaps, he should stay silent right now, and rather consult with a lawyer. The nature of the allegations could mean that he needs some professional help. The news came from an anonymous person known by the pseudonym of “Valerie.” Now, she expanded on her allegations.

90 Day Fiance Star Syngin Colchester Is Single After Tania Maduro

Tania Maduro said in The Single Life, that she didn’t want Syngin to divorce her. However, after the allegations that emerged on December 28, TLC fans might wonder why. Caution: This article might trigger some folks. So, if domestic violence worries you, then perhaps click away and browse some of our other categories. The motivation of the accuser seems unclear, as there are better ways to address such accusations other than via social media.

The initial accusations against 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester came via Instagram. Fans know that he’s single, footloose, fancy-free, and living his best life. Along his single journey, he hooked up with “Valerie,” Allegedly, they stayed together for about one month. Additionally, the accuser is not the same person that fans currently see him with. However, a photo of them together emerged, so that confirms they were together at one stage.

90 Day Fiance – Breaking Down The Initial Allegations

The news about the accuser came via @90dayfiancejunkie on Instagram on December 28. Removing the emotion, the accusations allege that:

  • Singin drinks a lot
  • He smokes weed
  • Watches YouTube all day, and
  • Has nothing to offer.

So far, there’s nothing really desperately newsworthy. However, the accuser hinted strongly that he “forced himself” on her. Additionally, more hints of domestic violence arrived. The allegations came that Syngin “punched my phone right out of my hands.”  Plus, she claimed that he “physically hurt” her. So, she claimed that she suffers from mental health issues.

90 Day Fiance Accuser Expands On Allegations Against Syngin Colchester

Some 90 Day Fiance fans wonder where the proof of the allegations against Syngin Colchester is. Well, she claims she has the proof. So, why not go and see the police? After all, that might be the best way to deal with the situation.

‘Valerie’ Expands On The Allegations Against Syngin

Speaking with her voice sounding a bit distorted, “Valerie” claimed that she hooked up with Syngin and they went off to stay “in a cabin.” Clearly, she thought she found her dream guy. “Valerie” claimed that the week’s stay in the cabin was “fun,” and he was all over telling her how beautiful she is. However, she claimed that she also experienced some “scary moments.” She alleged that at about “one in the morning,” he suddenly slapped her hard on her buttocks.

Katrina, who conducted the interview, admits they can’t speak about everything because of “legal implications.” That suggests “Valerie” might take her allegations of abuse further. For now, she claims that she just wants to “warn” other people. “Valerie” seems to have stuck with Syngin as she was going through some personal issues with an “ex” and “custody.” She admits that he gave her emotional support, but his actions scared her. So, she felt there were some red flags. You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

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