Addicted To Marriage Star Amy Compton Slams TLC For Fakery

Addicted To Marriage Star Amy Compton Slams TLC For FakeryAddicted To Marriage features four women who can’t seem to get right when choosing the right life partner. Amy Compton was previously married four times. Meanwhile, Monette Dias left 11 husbands in her wake. Kecia Clarke tied the knot three times in the past. Finally, Shae Malbrough married twice and worked her way through four fiances. With the finale airing, Amy Compton ranted about fakery and claimed TLC lied to her about the show.

Addicted To Marriage Amy Compton Rants About Fakery

The TLC show premiered on Tuesday, November 16. Ahead of the finale on December 22, TLC dropped a teaser for the show. In it, Amy and Geno went off to buy a ring. if you haven’t watched the show, Amy and Geno started a clothing brand called Savage Buddhas. She’s 45 years old and raise three kids. Additionally, she and Geno welcomed Ronin Bella, (2). She owns more than one gym, dabbled in freelance acting, and works in sales and marketing for Berseker Strength and Conditioning.

Unlike Married at First Sight, fans saw on Addicted To Marriage, that Amy Compton and her fiance, Geno have been together for years. However, she never previously revealed that she had a list of discarded exes behind her. Anyway, in the latest teaser for the finale, the couple ended up at the jeweler shop.

The teaser showed Amy as fussy and wanting to be there while Geno selected her ring. It also showed the ring store owner talking about helping her buy rings in the past. Well, she hated the scene and ranted about fakery in the comments.

Addicted To Marriage Star Claims TLC Lied To Her

Amy Compton took to the comments section of the teaser. There, she said, “I’ve never purchased a ring from Jay nor has any guy I’ve been with! They can attest to that lie! So Can my parents that know that’s a lie. Nice try TLC to bully an innocent guy into fabricating a story to benefit your narrative. Sick.” Not done yet, she launched into her next comment where she accused TLC of telling her lies.

Addicted To Marriage Star Amy Compton Slams TLC For Fakery

The Addicted To Marriage star pulled no punches as she slammed the network. Her post continued with, “the only pressure got to go the ring store was the producers. Then they would all lie to me and make [me] think Geno wanted to go!” Next, she denied pressuring anyone into anything. She also noted, “Reality tv is a joke! And so are guys who use a show to throw the mother of their child under the bus and run her over for leaving them after getting caught!”

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Addicted To Marriage star Amy Compton kept on going in a further comment She added, “This entire scene is bulls–t!” Plus, “I’m being painted now in these episodes as the only [one] wanting to get engaged.” After more of a similar nature, she stated: “TLC doesn’t give a s–t who they hurt!” A final comment in the tirade noted, “I was lied to about what this show was about when I signed the contracts. Horrible human beings behind this.”
Amy Compton rant continues

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