Bringing Up Bates: Katie Says She Has The Best Mom Ahead Of Marrying Travis

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Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates marries her fiance, Travis Cark this weekend. Ahead of the happy event, her mom Kelly shared a post about it. Overcome with emotion, her daughter replied in the comments. She says that she has the “best mom.”  Soon, Kelly says goodby to her daughter and hands her over to her new spouse.

Bringing Up Bates Star Katie Bates Chose A Lovely Wedding Venue

Katie Bates was so taken with the venue where her sister married, that she also chose it for her special day. Carlin married Evan Stewart at Castleton Farms. In July, she posted up some photos of herself with Travis, Carlin, and her mom Kelly Jo Bates. They went for their first visit with the wedding planner. Her UPTV fans seemed thrilled that she chose the same venue as her sister.

Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates soon leaves the home where she grew up. Alyssa Bates leaked in April that Katie and Travis will go and live in New Jersey. That’s where his parents come from. Alyssa joked that she tried to get them to live in Florida. Well, for Kelly even down the road would seem far away for her. After all, when her daughter marries, she gets a whole new life. So, she talked about that on Thursday this week.

Bringing Up Bates – Kelly Posts About Her Daughter Leaving Home

Kelly raised many daughters and she’s said a fond farewell to each of them who married. Taking to her Instagram, she said about Katie Bates, “Tomorrow you change your name… change your address,” and “you change from walking by your dad to walking with your spouse.” Then she talked about different “goals” and “priorities.”  Plus, she talked about how her daughter moves on from being a girl who wanted to “hang out with mom to being that grown woman walking down the aisle.”

Bringing Up Bates Katie Best Mom Marrying Travis

Wise in the ways of women marrying, the Bringing Up Bates star continued. “Tomorrow,” she said, “may be full of all sorts of changes and new adventures and loves.” Then she told her daughter that one thing will “never change.” She said, “you will still be my sweet baby girl that I will love and treasure and laugh with and cry with and even pout with when you feel like pouting.” So she intends to cheer her on as she walks down the aisle.

Katie Says Her Mom is best

Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates read the post by her mom, and in reply, she told her, I have the best mom in the world 😭♥️.”  Fans agreed with her on that point. Then. she told Kelly, “Gonna miss you like crazy.”

Do you agree that Katie might have the “best mom in the world?” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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