Counting On Alums Jill And Derick Dillard Enjoy A Doggie Day With The Boys

Israel Dillard and Fenna the Doggy

Counting On alums Jill and Derick Dillard raise their two boys, Sam and Isreal. This weekend, they took the boys to meet some puppies at the pet shop. Clearly, quality time with the kids is very important to them. Right now, probably more family fun helps them get through the stress of the Josh Duggar trial.

Counting On – Jill And Derick Dillard Spoilers

Jill Dillard has a very supportive husband in Derick. Beyond all expectations of TLC fans, he turned out a steady guy and a rock for Jill to lean on. Through thick and thin, he stands by her. Plus, he seems like a really good dad with the two kids, Sam and Israel. Of course, right now, the trial of Josh Duggar sits uppermost in the minds of fans. In fact, Jill might even be called on to testify about the molestation scandal. Well, she dyed her hair and looks ready to take on the world.

While the trial takes up all the thoughts of many Counting On fans. Jill and Derick can’t do that. After all, they have two innocent little boys who need attention as well. They also brought in a rescue doggie named Fenna. Originally, the pup need a lot of training as Jill feared the undiscipline animal might hurt the kids. However, these days, Fenna seems way better behaved. So, this weekend they spent some time with the dog. Plus, they met some other puppies.

Counting On Dillard Family Have A Fun Doggie Day

Jill Dillard took to her Instagram Stories and shared some photos and video clips of their fun doggie day. If you worry about them getting more dogs, it didn’t sound like that from the captions Jill wrote. Instead, it seemed like the boys just wanted to “love on” some pups. In the clips, San seemed delighted with the outing. He played with some small pups and petted one of the pooches in a crate.

Counting On Alums Jill And Derick Dillard Enjoy A Doggie Day With The Boys

Counting On fans saw that lots of laughs and giggles came from the boys as Jill and Derick looked on. Later, they didn’t forget their own dog Fenna. Jill said, “Then, we came home and hung out with our own doggy.” Fenna looked proud as punch standing next to her dad, Derick, on the porch.

Rounding Off The Family Day With Haircuts

The Counting On alum mentioned at the end of her Stories, that once they played with Fenna, it was time for haircuts. Actually, she often cuts their hair and doesn’t seem to do a bad job of it. Hopefully, she soon posts up some photos of the boys with their new cuts.

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