Did Jessa Seewald Make Things Worse For The Case Against Jana Duggar?

 Did Jessa Seewald Make Things Worse For The Case Against Jana Duggar? Jana Duggar ran into trouble with the law and her sister, Jessa Seewald stepped up in her support. The news about Jana hit the headlines just a day after Josh was found guilty of both possessing and receiving child pornography. But now, some questions arise as to whether Jessa inadvertently made the case against Jana worse.

Jana Duggar Charged With Endangering The Welfare Of A Minor

The media swooped on the story about Jana Duggar and that’s unsurprising. Criticism of the former 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On shows is at its height right now. Naturally, any news about the trial and the family makes for loads of readers. However, fans and some of Jana’s family members like Jessa Seewald feel terribly sorry for her, Clearly,  her charges of endangering a minor seem so out of character.

One of the first people who stepped up to support Jana Duggar was her cousin, Amy King. Celeb Baby Laundry reported that she said, “this couldn’t have been intentional.” Additionally, she  noted that Jana probably felt “exhausted, stressed,..emotionally worn out.”  Of course, most Counting On fans know that Jana babysits a lot for the family. So, Amy said, “watching multiple kids is hard.” She also talked about how many Duggar kids populate the world.

Jana Duggar Pleaded Not Guilty In District Court

Katie Joy broke the news on Without A Crystal Ball. Notably, she carefully pointed out that the clerk of the court couldn’t dish details of the case. However, she later suggested that it involved the child of Anna and Josh, Maryella. Allegedly the child wandered off but was found and returned safely. Jessa Seewald mentioned that in her supportive post on Monday, December 13.

Jessa Seewald Make Things Worse For The Case Against Jana Duggar

As you can see above, Jessa Seewald said that Jana Duggar simply made “an innocent mistake.” Well, there’s an admission of guilt straight away. Innocent or not, she potentially allowed a child to wander off and into a possible bad outcome. So, Katie Joy took to her Instagram and discussed the implications for Jana in her court case in January.

Did Jessa Seewald Say Something To Hurt The Not Guilty Plea?

Jana Duggar pleaded not guilty, Katie pointed out So, she speculated, “Jessa admitting that this did in fact happen & Jana was the babysitter won’t help Jana’s not guilty plea. Not guilty would imply she didn’t do what was alleged. But Jessa just admitted that the child did leave. Whoops 😬.”

Do you agree that Jessa Seewald might have inadvertently hurt the defense of her sister? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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