Has Tammy Slaton Lost Weight?

tammy slaton weight

1000 Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is supposed to be trying to get weight loss surgery. However, at the last check, Tammy had not lost any weight since she checked herself out of rehab. Has Tammy lost weight since then?

1000 Lb. Sisters – Tammy Went Off Her Diet

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy went to rehab where she was supposed to stay until she lost 100 lbs. However, Tammy decided to check herself out of rehab because she was homesick. Instead of applying herself and sticking to her weight loss goals, Tammy went home already planning her cheat menu before she left the facility.

Tammy Slaton believes that even though she lost 60 pounds on the strict diet in the facility, she chose to try and finish the 100-pound goal without assistance. Unfortunately, Tammy’s best-laid plans do not usually work out. By the time that Tammy and her brother Chris Combs went to their weigh-in, Tammy had started to gain weight again. Later, Tammy reveals that she went off her diet after breaking up with her boyfriend, the BBW King.

Tammy Slaton Has Turned To Alcohol

After Monday’s show, the 1000 Lb. Sisters’ star revealed to Dr. Smith that she had been drinking and partying at least five nights a week. Tammy admits that she is open to dating now that her boyfriend is out of the picture.

Tammy Slaton could not handle her boyfriend’s threats and stalking. Tammy has found more friends who want to party and has she admits that she has been drinking almost every day of the week. Tammy’s situation has been to the point that Dr. Smith, Tammy’s bariatric surgeon, comes to her home to attempt to get her back on track. Can Dr. Smith save Tammy?

1000 Lb. Sisters – Tammy Had Been Walking More

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy had been walking more thanks to her health care aid Tisa. Tisa refuses to hurt herself trying to push Tammy in a wheelchair. Tisa is determined to push Tammy to walk and not become immobile. Tisa does not want to see Tammy bed-bound and continues to push her. However, now that Tammy’s partying has been revealed, fans have to wonder if Tisa is still visiting. Tammy could not keep her drinking a secret if someone was coming into the house to check on her now that Amy Slaton Halterman and Michael Halterman have moved out.

Tammy seems to be upset with Amy for moving and when Tammy is upset she usually eats. Will Amy and Michael’s decision to move out force Tammy to lose weight?

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