I Am Shaunna Rae Misinformation? Katie Joy Of Without A Crystal Ball Calls Out TLC

I Am Shaunna Rae Misinformation? Katie Joy Of Without A Crystal Ball Calls Out TLC I Am Shaunna Rae premieres on January 11 at 10/9c on TLC, and influencer, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball is so spitting mad, she called out the network. In her very long rant about it on Christmas Eve, she accused the network of “off-the-chart…misinformation.” So, what’s eating at the blogger and influencer about the show?

I Am Shaunna Rae Gets Katie Joy Spitting Mad

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball is sometimes very controversial, and several times, she faced lawsuits. However, her  78.4K followers on Instagram and her 200K YouTube subscribers like her. That seems to be because she seems unafraid to address subjects like cults and the abuse of women. Many critics complain that she doesn’t always report factually about the news. Rather, she quite often lets her own opinions creep in. However, she’s careful to often remind her followers that she gives her opinions based on current news.

The trailer for I Am Shaunna Rae arrived on TLC in mid-December, 2021. It revealed that Shaunna suffers from a damaged pituitary gland. At the age of six months, she underwent chemotherapy for brain cancer and it left her without proper growth. So, she complains she’s “a 22-year-old woman stuck in the body of an eight-year-old.” Unfortunately, the show focuses on her dating, and the weird attraction she brings to men with fetishes for kids. It left Katie Joy spitting with fury.

I Am Shaunna Rae – Why is Katie Joy So Furious?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball has a son who was born without a pituitary gland. Often, she posts about the difficulties her son copes with every day. Well, that means that he gets hormone therapy for his condition. In a very long rant, as outlined below in full, she feels furious. She claimed that children with pituitary growth conditions must i.e “mandatory” get treatment for their condition.

I Am Shauna Rae Misinformation Katie Joy Without A Crystal Ball TLC
TLC – via Katie Joy – Without A Crystal ball / Instagram

Katie Joy feels for the star of  I Am Shaunna Rae. However, she wrote, “TLC is promoting misinformation about pan-hypopituitarism – a super rare disease that doesn’t need a network screwing up the true reality.” Then she noted, “Growth hormone shots are 100% mandatory and effective – not optional to ensure the child grows but also so their heart functions.” So, she feels that TLC is “[exploiting]…a woman with a disability while turning her into a fetish for pedophiles.” So, she just “can’t” with it.

Media Misreporting?

According to Katie, because of I Am Shaunna Rae, the media misreports the condition and treatability of Hypopituitarism. Well, it’s a complex condition and you can read all about it on the website of PMC. It’s not clear though, that treatment for the condition is mandated in US law.

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  1. Angel says

    Please don’t speak for all of us. We subscribed to be able to show Katie joy lies. She also goes with the flow. Everything that everyone else has, suddenly her son has those issues too. So if shauna Rae has this condition which she does clearly. The only reason Katie Joy is saying it, is for attention. Everything everyone else has suddenly she has or her child has. Just because we follow her does not mean we like her. Honestly most of us use it for content to prove she’s a whole lie.

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