Is Unexpected Season 5 Star Tyra Boisseau Keen For More Babies?

 Is Unexpected Season 5 Star Tyra Boisseau Keen For More Babies?Unexpected Season 5 premieres on March 6 next year, and Tyra Boisseau returns. Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan also return, along with newcomers, Kylen and Emersyn. Fans already heard that Tiarra, Tyra’s sister might appear as well, alongside her cousin, Taylor. But does Tyra plan on having any more kids? Read on to find out what the spoilers say.

Unexpected Star Tyra Boisseau Returns, Unlike Other Cast Members

Many cast members fell by the wayside over the various seasons. One couple didn’t even make it through the whole season. That came when Taron And Reanna were mysteriously cut from the show. Others can’t return because of alleged racist comments on social media. That news came from Hailey Tilford, who denied it, claiming her account was hacked. Meanwhile, others might not be able to return, especially if they sit behind bars.

Unexpected alum Anthony Vanelli, the baby daddy of Rilah Ferrer ran afoul of the law several times. In fact, given that most of the allegations against him seem violent, it’s unlikely that he ever makes a return to TLC. Well, Tyra seems like a stayer. Fans first met her in Season 3 of the show. Later, they saw her return in Season4, and fans saw the problems that she and Alex went through. Now her story continues in Season 5.

Unexpected Star Tyra Has Some Issues With Kids

Most young moms that TLC fans meet on the show seem painfully ignorant about the demands of childrearing. However, most of them soon realize that they, unfortunately, had to leave their teen years prematurely behind them and grow up in a hurry. Tyra realized that she did just that, and she took some heat for returning to college so she could enjoy being a cheerleader. Actually, that caused the fracturing of her relationship with her baby daddy.

Unexpected Season 5 Star Tyra Boisseau Keen For More Babies

The Unexpected star held a Q&A on Instagram on Monday, December 13, and talked about some of her issues with kids. One fan asked her about “the hardest part of mom life.” Well, she replied, saying, “The lack of personal space.” Then a fan asked her if she plans on more kids. Her emphatic answer was: “No more kids for me I’m done.”

Did You Hope For More Babies?

Unexpected spoilers for season 5 seem scarce at the moment. Possibly, more arrives nearer the premiere. All fans really know about Tyra in the new season is the synopsis. Starcasm reported that it read, “Returning mom Tyra manages her complicated relationship with her child’s father and the dynamic between herself and her sister Tiarra and cousin Taylor, both of whom are pregnant.”

Were you hoping to hear that Alex and Tyra made up and might plan for more kids? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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