LPBW Spoilers: Do Isabel And Jacob Roloff Plan On More Kids?

LPBW Spoilers: Do Isabel And Jacob Roloff Plan On More Kids?Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans heard that Isabel and Jacob Roloff welcomed their son, Mateo Tomás on December 4. Throughout her pregnancy, she kept TLC fans well-informed about her state of mind. Since the baby arrived, she talked quite a lot about the birth. Additionally, she opened up about whether they consider more kids in the future.

LPBW Spoilers Hinted At A Difficult Birth

Very quickly, fans heard that the baby went into the NICU. So, many TLC fans thought that perhaps Isabel underwent a C-section. However, she told them that she had a natural birth. She hinted at a difficult time when she wrote, “Our birth story didn’t go as planned; as we know life rarely ever does. These past few weeks have shown me what true surrender and trust looks like. I have never been more hands on my knees afraid.”

LPBW fans also heard at one stage, that her baby had a big head. Of course, that could have made it harder for her to give birth. Actually, a lot of people them thought that perhaps the son of Isabel and Jacob might be a little person. However, she confirmed that he’s an averaged sized kid who happened to have a big head. Seeing she didn’t have great experience, perhaps she stops at just one child.

LPBW – Isabel Opens Up About More Kids

Little People, Big World fans get almost daily updates from Jacob’s wife. Jacob left the show a long time ago, and Isabel never appeared in it. But, fans really like the young couple. So, they check in on her often. In her Instagram Stories, she mentioned to her fans that as the birth memory eases off, she finds some humor in the awkward situation. Apparently, her brother was also there with Jacob.

LPBW Spoilers Isabel And Jacob Roloff Plan On More Kids

Isabel held a Q&A with LPBW fans over the weekend. The outlet reported that she talked about if they plan on more kids. Well, it sure sounds like she wouldn’t mind more of them. She said that while pregnancy isn’t always always easy, she already misses it. Then, she added, “I can’t wait to do it again. It’s a unique experience to each person who gets to walk through it. Only do it if your heart truly feels called to it.” 

What Are Your Thoughts?

LPBW stars matt and Amy Roloff now have six grandchildren. By spring next year, when Tori births her third child, they will have seven. Would like  you like to see grandbaby number eight come quickly for Isabel and Jacob? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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