OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Brings The Laughs On Danielle Busby’s Birthday

OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Brings The Laughs On Danielle Busby’s BirthdayOutDaughtered star Danielle Busby celebrated her birthday just two days before Christmas and Uncle Dale Mills didn’t miss the opportunity to make TLC fans laugh. He married Danielle’s sister, affectionately known as Aunt Kiki and he’s very close to the Busy family. In the show, he always delivers the laughs, and he carries that over to his social media.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Has Her Birthday At Christmas

Adam’s wife was one of those kids born really close to Christmas. Depending on the family, fans know that some kids get their birthday lumped in with Christmas. Luckier kids enjoy a big Christmas week celebration. Hopefully, for Danielle, she didn’t get lumped into the holiday celebrations. Well, this year, Uncle Dale remembered her special day and brought the laughs on Instagram.

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby put aside her Christmas activities for a day and posted about her birthday. She was born on the 23rd of December 1983 in Louisiana. This year, the mom of six turned 38 years old. However, fans noticed that she still looks very young. The photo that she posted up revealed her looking very stylish with her very high heels. Meanwhile, the GIF that Uncle Dale shared was totally different.

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Shares A Funny GIF

Danielle Busby featured in an edited GIF that Uncle posted on his main Instagram account. In it, Dale placed his face on another body and underneath him, he dangled Danielle’s model on a swing. He looked hunky and shirtless, as he swung his sister-in-law on ropes. He captioned it with, “Happy birthday to one of my besties for over 20+ years! @dbusby loves when we do this swing thing! #sisterfromanothermista.” 

OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Brings The Laughs On Danielle Busby's Birthday

The OutDaughtered star, Danielle, seemed very amused and she replied, saying,This one did make me laugh! I instantly thought u were gonna say something about ‘carrying me’ #insidejoke hahahaha.” Many fans also thought the GIF looked very funny and they took to the comments section of his post, 

TLC Fans Comment

OutDaughtered fans had a good laugh about Danielle Busby in Uncle Dale’s GIF. One of them wrote, “We were waiting for this!!! Thanks Uncle Dale 😂😂😂 Happy Birthday Danielle 👏🏻👏🏻😘🥂🎂❤.” Then another appreciative fan noted, “I can’t stop smiling and laughing while I see it…”

More followed and this comment arrived: “Hahahaha! Enjoy swinging with Dale! 😂… and Happy birthday!” Here’s another one: “that is so so so so nice and funny 😍 love Amanda.”

What did you think of Uncle Dale bringing that laughs on Danielle Busby’s birthday? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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