Seeking Sister Wife Might Be Canceled But Sophie Winder Keeps Fans In The Loop

Seeking Sister Wife Might Be Canceled But Sophie Winder Keeps Fans In The LoopSeeking Sister Wife fans thought that Sophie Winder, Tami, and Colton left the show permanently when their segments ended ahead of the final episode of Season 3. Later, fears arose that TLC might actually cancel it permanently. Well, the show’s fate lies in the hands of the network execs right now. But, Sophie keeps her fans in the loop on social media about their lives right now.

Seeking Sister Wife And Calls For Cancelation

Sophie Winder and her family seemed very popular in Season 3. After all, besides the likes of the Jones family and the Merrifields, they seemed to be in a polygamous lifestyle for the right and authentic reasons. In June this year, rumors ran around that that the Winder family hated the way that TLC edited their story. However, they later assured fans that they would certainly consider a return to the show.

Seeking Sister Wife star Sophie had another baby since the show ended, and fans think it would make the show more interesting. Especially, as she experienced fertility issues with Ephraim. Apparently, they spoke with the TLC execs and told them they wouldn’t mind doing another season. But with so many calls to cancel the show after Dimitri Snowden allegedly assaulted Christeline, fans call for cancelation.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Sophie Keeps Fans In the Loop

Sophie Winder started a YouTube vlog, plus she told her fans they fully intend to share their lives on social media. So, plenty of TLC fans still follow them, despite doubts about the future of the show. This week, she shared a cute photo of Ephraim and told her fans, “We need to get Ephraim his own hat so he’ll stop swiping Sadie’s 😆.”

Seeking Sister Wife Might Be Canceled Sophie Winder Keeps Fans In The Loop

Seeking Sister Wife fans love that Ephraim gets along so well with his half-sister Sadie. Clearly, she’s very tolerant of the little boy. After all, she lets him use her pretty pink hat. Fans commented as many of them love the family. One of them said, “Oh my word 😍 now that’s precious.” Actually, many folks hope for a spinoff. Now that Sister Wives seems to have run its course, they believe the Winder family could replace Kody Brown’s family.

Fans Want More Of The Family

Seeking Sister Wife fans told Sophie Winder that Ephraim looked very “cute” wearing his sister’s hat. However, others hope that the family returns to television. One of them wrote, “Will you be back on tv soon @thewinderfamily I miss seeing your beautiful family grow.” Meanwhile, another fan opined, “@thewinderfamily we need a show just for you guys about your daily life.”

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