Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Brown Only Sleeping with Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Brown Only Sleeping with Robyn Brown?Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans think Kody Brown is sleeping with only one of his wives now and it’s Robyn Brown. He has started to show very little interest in Janelle and Meri Brown and we all know that Christine Brown left him for good. Did the pandemic cause this switch? Some fans seem to think so.

Robyn and COVID Rules

Robyn seems to be the only wife who was on board to follow the Covid rules that Kody made for the family. He doesn’t want anyone contracting Covid so he makes sure that he follows these simple rules to not get sick. However, this means that he will also not see his wives until quarantining. His wives feel that these rules are just silly since he is part of a large family.

Janelle Brown and her son, Gabe Brown, thought that the rules were pretty silly and Gabe even mentioned that they were more than likely just Robyn’s idea and Kody had to follow through since she is his favorite wife.


Kody and His Wives

Since the lockdown began, Kody has been with Robyn. He uses the excuse that she does have younger kids that need more help than his other wives. He did also tell cameras that he and Robyn Brown aren’t in love or romantic anymore, so it is clear that they are not sleeping together. Christine Brown left him, so their relationship is done, but what about Janelle?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Brown Only Sleeping with Robyn Brown?

From what we have seen with Janelle, she is doing her own thing in the RV and has her strong opinions about the rules that he has set in place. All this could mean is that Kody hasn’t left Robyn’s side, or her bedroom. There are many viewers that think he has stopped having sex with his other wives because they are at the age where kids are pretty much impossible or just not safe.

What do you think? Could Kody be tired of the other wives and just ready to be with Robyn?

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