Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Son Gabe Brown Admits Kody Brown’s Rules Are Ruining Their Family

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Christmas Was Better Than SuggestedSister Wives Spoilers indicate that Gabe Brown, son of Kody and Janelle Brown admits that Kody’s rules are ruining their family. Both Gabe and Garrison are fed up with Kody.

Sister Wives – Mothers Have Separate Thanksgivings

Both Sister Wives Janelle and Christine Brown were disgusted with Kody’s COVID protocol and vowed to spend Thanksgiving with their family in other states. Kody refuses to get together as a family for the holidays unless his protocol is followed and some of the family are not willing to do so. Janelle explains to her children that Christine has plans to travel for the holiday since Kody won’t agree to a family dinner.

Janelle’s kids want to celebrate with Christine and her children and who can blame them? Kody has spent nine months with Robyn and her family. Kody rarely shows up to even speak to his other wives. Kody is making a huge difference in his children by prioritizing Robyn’s children over all the others.

Sister Wives – Janelle Brown’s Kids Are Very Attached To Christine Brown

Sister Wives Christine took care of Janelle’s kids while she worked when they were younger. Christine helped with school work, she was the present mother in their lives most of the time in their lives. Christine and Janelle’s children do not ask to spend time with Robyn or Meri as much as they do each other.

Janelle’s children are more than happy to do whatever Christine is doing because she is truly like a mother to them and wants them to be happy. Will Christine and Janelle spend the holidays together with their children or follow Kody’s protocol to have a family holiday?

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Christmas Was Better Than Suggested

Sister Wives – Janelle Brown’s Balancing Act

Sister Wives Janelle is trying to do a balancing act between her children and Kody. Janelle’s boys work outside the home and they socialize. Kody is against both of these situations. However, the boys need an income of their own. Kody work and travels between the houses. Janelle’s boys do not see what this is any different.

Janelle’s boys are sick of the back and forth and want changes now. Garrison is determined to talk to Kody about this and Gabe says this is ruining their family. Can the boys get through to Kody?

Janelle says Kody and the boys are in two different camps right now and there is no give and take. Janelle is simply exhausted after nine-month of trying to get someone to give. However, Janelle has also made it clear that when it comes to choosing between Kody and her children, she will always choose her kids.

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