Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Enjoys Christmas With The Kids

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Enjoys Christmas With The KidsSister Wives fans don’t see all that much of Janelle Brown’s son Hunter. However, what they do see, they seem to like a lot. He’s home for the holidays, and his mom sounds absolutely delighted. Well, it’s the time of the year for family, so she seems thrilled that she enjoys time with some of her kids this Christmas.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Downsized Her Home & Tree

Janelle moved into an RV for the summer and it looked like only Savanah stayed with her. Garrison moved into his own refurbished trailer some time ago. Meanwhile, it’s not clear where Gabriel lives, but he might also live with his brother. Then, Hunter attends university. Maddie Brown, of course, lives in North Carolina, and Logan’s in Nevada. Now she moved into a small, temporary home for winter, Janelle downsized and put up a dinky little Christmas tree. But fans agree it’s not about size, it’s about love.

Sister Wives fans see in Season 16, that Kody still persists with restrictions against COVID that actually seem over-the-top. It divided the family and brings a lot of tension. In season 15, he slammed his second wife for not forcing Gabriel and Garrison to stay at home all the time. Well, this year it looks like Janelle doesn’t care what he thinks, as she enjoys time with her kids.

Sister Wives – Hunter Home For The Holidays

Taking to her Instagram on December 20, Janelle Brown shared a photo of Garrison, Savanah, and Hunter playing board games. In her caption, she wrote, “Hunter arrived today. 3D Settlers of Catan deployed! Let the holiday games begin.” Clearly, she was not about to tell her son Hunter to stay away and not risk bringing COVID home. These days, the family seems more important than at any other time, thanks to the virus impacting loving gatherings for so long

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Enjoys Christmas With The Kids

Sister Wives wives fans seemed delighted that Janelle Brown sounds so happy that the kids are home. One of them commented, “Glad you didn’t kick him out! Cody (sic) was way off base with that.” Then another fan wrote, “Hunter is a stand up dude! Loved seeing him support his sister on the last episode! 👏👏👏.” Well, he certainly seems to give it right back to his dad.

Hunter Stays Far Away In Maryland

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle’s son, Hunter joined the Airforce Academy. Well, Screenrant reminds fans that after he graduated, he went off to get his degree in nursing. John Hopkins University is very prestigious, and fans love that he seems like a caring sort of man. Actually, it’s not likely that he’d miss special quality time with his family at Christmas.

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