Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Loves A Fan’s Suggestion About Recipes

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Loves A Fan’s Suggestion About RecipesSister Wives fans who watch Season 16 of the TLC show scandal away happily about all the drama. Christine left Kody and spoiled the fact that she left Kody before the premiere. Meanwhile, fans slam Robyn as the mastermind behind all of Kody’s Covid restrictions. What’s more, they dissect the fact that Robyn has a nanny while the rest of the family can’t see her kids. Meanwhile, Janelle just carries on in real life, doing the things that she loves the most.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Likes Cooking

When Janelle Brown moved into her RV, she couldn’t really grow the herbs that she loves so much. Actually, before the coronavirus, she loved nothing getter than visiting the Farmers Market. Well, she moved out of the RV and into a smaller temporary rental when winter came along. And, it’s not an ideal time for either growing herbs or buying them right now. Perhaps, one day, she might have her own garden at Coyote Pass and she can fence off some of it to keep the deer out.

The Sister Wives star told her fans that she spent time with some of her family this Christmas. Hunter arrived home for the holidays and Garrison also featured in one of her photos. Unfortunately, Maddie didn’t go home this year. But, perhaps with Savanah, Hunter, Garrison and Gabe around, she spent a lot of time preparing meals in her kitchen. Probably, that’s why she shared about recipes on December 27.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Shares Old Recipes

Taking to her Instagram account on December 27, Janelle shared a photo of an old family recipe. She told her fans, “As I cook for my family this holiday season I love using the handwritten recipes from my grandmother and mother. It seems so personal and I feel a connection with the amazing women in my family who have gone before me.” It seems like a nice sort of thing, if a bit sad.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Loves A fan's Suggestion About Recipes

Sister Wives fans might copy the recipe for a layered salad that sound really heathy and delicious. Some TLC fans also keep old family recipes, and one family made up special copies of them in a book for their own children to use in the future. One fan wrote, “This warms my heart. I am sentimental like you.”

Janelle Really Liked One Idea By A TLC Fan

Janelle responded when a Sister Wives fan shared a good idea. They wrote, “You should take your favourite ones and have them done in the bottom of a baking dish. Keep them for yourself or gift the dishes. A great way to pass on an original handwritten recipe to your kids.” Well, perhaps next year, the TLC star might do that when it comes to Christmas gifts. She replied in the comments saying, “Fantastic idea!”

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