The Voice: Ariana Grande Clowns Blake Shelton With Country Boy Video

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“The Voice” season 21 may have finally come to a grand and totally worth it ending, but Ariana Grande is still celebrating the beautiful memories and friendships she has gained from it.

She certainly did not fully come out of the ordeal as the pop/R&B star we used to know. Did you know that she’s catching beer cans these days? Blake Shelton has a lot to answer for.

Ariana Grande Tries to Prove Fellow “The Voice” Coach Blake Shelton Wrong in New Video

You might be wondering, is “7 Rings” Grande country enough to pull off a cowboy hat and sing about coming back as a country boy with the good ol’ country accent and flair? She may not be able to catch a beer can, but she sure looks like a smoking hot cowboy in that getup.

To prove to her pal Blake Shelton, who she loves so much, that she’s got country music in her, the 28-year-old star dressed up in a cowgirl hat and flannel, topping it off with boots and jeans.

The video funnily revealed that Grande auditioned to be in Shelton’s “Come Back as a Country Boy” music video released earlier this year.

Ariana Grande opened the video by explaining the reason she went all cowboy overnight, “Blake doesn’t think I’m ‘country enough,’ but I told him he’s so wrong, so hopefully, this will really show him what he needs to see.”

She tried various things to prove she can pull off the true country vibe, like catching a beer can – even though she failed to catch it several times, she did drink the beer like a country boy would. She also tried turning on a chainsaw, but she failed and went offstage to get hers, which will, hopefully, be charged. And then came the time to pose like Blake Shelton and sing like Blake Shelton, which she totally nailed.

In the end, Grande asks, “Did I get it?” A voice then replies “We’ll let you know.”

Later that night, the “Problem” singer shared the clip on Instagram, captioning it, “still waiting to hear but I feel like no news is good news ? ….. perhaps ? lmk @blakeshelton love you so much my pal.”

Grande on Not Winning “The Voice” in Her First Season

Ahead of the season finale, Ariana Grande, who was no longer in the race for the grand prize, talked to Entertainment Tonight, saying that she’s “so blessed” to have taken part in the incredible journey.

“I wouldn’t change anything about it. I know I’m out of the running in a big way, but I had the most beautiful time, and I feel like I got to do some really special work with these artists,” she told the media outlet. “And I will continue to know and work with them, and I care deeply about them.”

“I made incredible friendships, and learned so much from [my fellow coaches],” she added. “I’m so blessed to have been a part of it, and it was a very cherished experience to me.”

Blake Shelton Shares His Thoughts about Rival Coach Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton may just go down in history as the cutest frenemies ever.

On Tuesday, Shelton, 45, told PEOPLE that Grande can be very sweet, even when she’s stabbing you in the back.

“I have not been able to really pin Ariana down yet as what kind of rival she is,” Shelton shared. “It’s really hard to get mad at Ariana enough to really go for her throat because she’s the sweetest kid that you’ll ever meet.”

“She will look at you with a smile and be sticking the knife straight in your back,” he continued. “She’s done it to me a hundred times already. And it’s like, ‘Okay. Now I see how it is.’ And then she wins you back over, and you’re not mad at her anymore.”

Contestants who made it all the way to the finale are Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia on team Kelly Clarkson, team Shelton’s Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham and team John Legend’s Jershika Maple. Grande’s remaining team members were eliminated last week.

By the end of the night, the trio consisting of siblings Caleb, 26, Joshua, 24, and Bekah, 20, took home the crown. Their win marked the first-ever on-solo act to win the show, and Clarkson’s fourth victory on the show.

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