Unexpected Star Jenna Ronan Moves Into New Apartment Without Aden

Unexpected Star Jenna Ronan Moves Into New Apartment Without AdenUnexpected on TLC introduced Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright in Season 4. Instantly, fans seemed blown away as she apparently believed Aden when he told her that men “ovulate” just like women do. Well, over time, fans grew to like the couple, but now the news emerged that it looks like they already head for Splitsville. Or does it? She moved into her own place without him but does that mean the end?

Unexpected Star Jenna Ronan In Season 5

When the cast news arrived for Season 5 of the TLC show,  fans saw that Jenna returns, as does Tyra Boisseau. The network brings back Lilly Bennett as well. Meanwhile, new people include Kylen and Emersyn. However, will what fans see of Aden be old news by the time the premiere arrives in March next year? On the surface of things, it looks like they split.

Unexpected fans started wondering if the couple were still together back in February this year. Actually, they certainly wouldn’t be the first couple that ever split up after the arrival of their baby. Max Schenzel, Shayden Massey, Anthony Vanelli and more, moved on from their baby mamas. But, Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright seemed tight at first, and this time last year, they still looked romantically involved. However, that seems to have changed.

Unexpected On TLC – Aden And Jenna Separate

Starcasm reported in early December, that it looked like the beginning of the end for Jenna Ronan and Aden. They cited an Instagram Q&A where a fan asked if they still remained together. She replied, “We are separating but there are no hard feelings.” Additionally, she told fans she looked around “for an apartment” for her and her kid, Luca to move into. Well, the news arrived on December 18, that she found her own place, and she already has the keys.

Unexpected Star Jenna Ronan Moves Into New Aparment Without Aden

Well, it certainly looks like Unexpected star Jenna tries making a go of things without Aden Albright. Mind you, she also claims that they stay in touch. Her caption read, “…Luca and I recently moved out and are now living on our own.🤍 I need to experience living on my own and independently to be able to grow as a person.🤍 Aden and I are still really close and are with each other everyday. I’m excited to see what this next chapter brings 🤍📖.”

Fans Comment On Splitsville

Unexpected fans seemed quite sad that Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright look like history. One of them wrote, “Things are hard sometime (sic) but you should have worked it out and kept your family together.” Then  another fan wrote, “So sorry your family is falling apart.. all the best!” Well  if you worry about Splitsville forever, Jenna replied to the fan saying, “my family isn’t falling apart at all.”

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  2. Jacqueline Koch says

    Well it does not seem like Jenna and Aden broke up at all. She said they see each other every day. That is not a couple that has split. Make up your minds. And don’t tell us it’s none of our business like crazy Kylen and her old man because after all you people are all over the tv and social media showing your business. It’s what it’s all about right?

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