Welcome To Plathville: Moriah And Max Debated On Oliva’s IG – Did They Split?

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah And Max Debated On Oliva’s IG – Did They Split?Welcome To Plathville stars Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt met, dated for a while, and then split. However, they got back together again. Still, some recent developments on Instagram made TLC fans wonder if they split again. On December 7, Olivia Plath dropped a bunch of photos from the last few months on Instagram. When Moriah commented, fans debated if she and Max really split.

Welcome To Plathville – Cracks Appear Between Max And Moriah

In Season 3 of the TLC show, fans saw that some cracks started appearing. By the end of the season, they resolved to move to Tampa with Olivia and Ethan. Moriah would go first and later, Max planned on joining her. However, it’s not clear that he did. Before that, fans saw that Max confronted Moriah for wearing skimpy shorts and tank tops. He seemed very jealous and accused her of advertising.

In a subsequent Instagram post, the Welcome To Plathville boyfriend confessed that he made a mistake. In a lengthy post, he mentioned, “I was wrong….” Then, he said, “Moriah is free to wear whatever she wants.” Finally, admitting his jealousy he wrote, “I am learning every day and realize that it’s not her fault that I’m insecure in certain scenarios.” Was that the beginning of the end? Some fans seem to think so.

Welcome To Plathville – Did Max and Moria Split?

When Olivia Plath posted up her photos this week, one of them caught the attention of Moriah. It revealed her in a garage with Ethan and another guy. She said,I’m embarrassed 🙈 sorry but I’m gonna give this a thumbs down 👎 but that pic in the parking garage is hilarious 😅.” Well, fans chatted about if she and Max split. Actually, fans saw her with another guy when she went ice-skating with Olivia. Screenrant reported about it back in November. However, some people think that the guy was in fact, Olivia’s brother.

Welcome To Plathville Moriah And Max Debated On Oliva's IG - Did They Split

Welcome To Plathville fans discussed that Max and Moriah stopped posting photos of each other. When you check their accounts out, they certainly became scarce. Moriah last shared a photo of Max on October 7. Meanwhile, Max last posted up a photo of Moriah on November 5. Also, it seems that sometimes, Moriah follows Max and sometimes, not.

TLC Fans Debate Moriah And Max

One Welcome To Plathville fan who discussed it said, “aweee Honey we love it and you ❤️🥰 Are you and Max still together? 🥰🙏🏼🌸” Then another fan also asked, “@moriah.jasper are you and Max no longer together????” One fan replied to them, saying, “she’s not following him on insta anymore and they’ve stopped posting pics of each other 😢.” However, the fan later noted that she is following him again. But, when we checked it out, she seemed to have unfollowed him.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Max and Moriah split? Or, are they just keeping things under wraps for a new season of the show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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