1000-Lb Sisters Doctor Smith Despairs, Tammy Slaton’s Family Plan Her Funeral

1000-Lb Sisters Doctor Smith Despairs, Tammy Slaton’s Family Plan Her Funeral1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton doesn’t seem to take losing weight and thereby saving her life, seriously. Doctor Smith starts despairing for her as she can’t seem to understand priorities. In the meantime, her family has been told they should think about the sad fact she could die soon.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Gets Her Priorities Wrong

TLC fans don’t need to be doctors or psychics to know that Tammy could die at any time. While Amy Halterman took her weight loss seriously, Tammy’s priorities seem all over the place. Recall, she dropped out of rehab after she hooked up with Phillip. Well, it didn’t last very long and she put all her energy into feeling depressed about it.

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton confessed to her brother Chris that she lost interest in following her diet after the split. Well, Doctor Smith didn’t like that she put on weight. Recall, in Season 1 she was told to lose weight or she’d be dead inside of five years. In fact, she already lived beyond her predicted death date of 30. So, the doctor takes it very seriously.

1000-Lb Sisters Doc Despairs, Family Plans A Funeral

Tammy Slaton didn’t keep the journal that the doctor suggested. In fact, she didn’t do her exercises either. And, she never followed up on her sessions with her therapist. Next, she told Doc Smith that she didn’t make any of those things her priority. Well, he explained to the camera that he can’t make her lose weight through wishful thinking. Only she can do it and she must want to do it.

1000-Lb Sisters Doctor Smith Despairs, Tammy Slaton's Family Plan Her Funeral

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that he seems to lose hope that he can save his patient. Meanwhile, Soap Dirt reported that her sister, Amanda Slaton now talks about preparing for Tammy’s funeral. The family seems to have exhausted all their efforts to make her realize that she needn’t live trapped in her ailing and obese body. So, they planned a vacation for her. Still, it’s not likely she changes her attitude.

Amanda Seems Sad About The Inevitable End

1000-Lb Sisters fans know that Tammy Slaton ended up in the hospital several times. Once, she went in because of carbon dioxide poisoning. Basically, she’s too big to expel the bad gases from her lungs. Plus, she suffered from Covid. Back then, Amanda was told they should start planning a funeral.

While fans watch the show, in real life, it must be a sad and difficult time for the family. With her history of breathing problems and a tendency to pack on more pounds, a funeral in the near future seems like an inevitable end to Tammy’s story.

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