1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Tammy Slaton’s Mega-Meltdown

1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Tammy Slaton’s Mega-Meltdown1000-Lb Sisters fash watched Tammy Slaton fail to lose weight for three seasons now, and they grow less sympathetic to the giant woman trapped in her obesity. Not only does she seem disinterested in shedding weight to save her life, but she becomes more toxic with each passing episode. This weekend, she threw a mega-meltdown, that attracted scores of uncomplimentary comments.

1000-Lb Sisters – Difficult Tammy Slaton Is So Attention-Seeking

Many TLC fans give kudos to Chris and Amy because they try so hard to encourage Tammy. Meanwhile, she seems eternally ungrateful, Not only is she toxic, but she seems to value the attention when she’s uncooperative. A lot of fans think that her attention-seeking drama and behavior stems from thinking the whole world owes her something.

Rumors ran around that the 1000-Lb Sisters star ended up completely bedbound, wearing diapers, and relying on her sibling to change her when she soils them. Fortunately, it turned out to just be a rumor. But, at the rate she’s going, it’s not an impossible scenario. She won’t cooperate with the nurse and abuses her sister Amy. Now, in another scene full of bad behavior, she ruined the family vacation.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tammy Has A Mega Meltdown

On Sunday, January 9, fans saw that the family took Tammy on vacation. Actually, they hope to encourage her to live a normal life. Futilely, it seems, they hope that she learns that if she loses weight, there’s still a good life ahead. However, she refused to get out of the car and swore them out. Plenty of F-works littered her outburst. So, fans are thoroughly disgusted with her.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Tammy Slaton's Mega-Meltdown

1000-Lb Sisters fans took to the comments section of the teaser on YouTube. One of them pointed out, “There comes a point when you can no longer enable her bad behavior! Tammy acts the way she does because she always has people willing to bend over backwards to wait on her.” 

TLC Fans Comment On Badly-Behaved Tammy

Many more comments went in from fans of 1000-Lb Sisters. They might be fans of the show, but hardly any of them seem like fans of Amy’s sister these days. One of them wrote, “I think Amy is 100% right about Tammy getting meaner through the years! “

This comment also arrived: “There’s a point where a person’s issues, no matter how valid, become a non factor in excusing poor behavior and mistreatment of others. Tammy has been past that point for a long time.” The fan added, “She’s become despicable and intolerable to watch. Ungrateful, bratty, self sabotaging and narcissistic and utterly lacking in self awareness would be a pretty accurate description of her.”

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  1. Rhonda says

    I am sick and tired of Tammy acting like a great. She needs to be institutionalized! She makes EVERY episode “The Tammy Show” as she makes it all about her! She has never been serious about losing weight and needs to be forced to stay in a place to make her eat healthy. She will always be big because she just don’t care. If she doesn’t change quickly, fans are going to stop watching the show, and I am one of them!

  2. Jackie Carlstrom Aube says

    Sometimes I think Tammy is just out of control. She is definitely self-absorbed, a brat, and I think her saying she’s pans gender is a load of B.S. I had never heard of Pan’s gender before and had to look it up to know what it meant. Tammy is riding damn close to needing a guardian and it might be a good idea. She’d be forced to a rehab, lose the weight, and finally have a life. Of course within a few months she’d likely regain it all. I feel very bad for her siblings, who obviously want the best for her. If only she could channel some of that stubborn attitude to good it would make a world of difference.

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  4. LESLIE Swope says

    I am getting so sick of Tammy. I am loosing interest in this program very fast. Why watch it when it’s the same subject week after week. Tammy is very sucking to watch…

    1. Donna Skidmore says

      Tammy is a attention seeker she’s purposely ruining the family vacation trip. She could of walked up those ramps their was enough people to help. She doesn’t want to loose weight she will not try but blames everyone else for her problems she’s been babied to much. If she was part of our family as and yes we are heavy set her butt would not been but in a rehab for a week or a strict nurse she would eat what was cooked or go with out. She gets away with everything I wouldn’t of got her a motel I would of made her stay sleep on the car when she’s blatting she didn’t want to come she was all for it. I don’t believe she has boyfriends just so because you talk to someone it’s not your boyfriend. I wish this girl would get her shit together before it’s to late she has family that loves her she had a great support system she wants everyone to do the work if she gains weight she blames other people

  5. holli stern says

    Tammy, get it together. I can’t believe your family gives in to you like they do. Come on family!! You enable her. You are part of the problem.

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