1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Goes Viral with a Bullying Video

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Goes Viral with a Bullying Video1000-Lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates tease that a video of the reality star Tammy Slaton that shows bullying her young nephew has gone viral.

Since Tammy has stepped foot on the TLC show, the avid viewers have witnessed her attitude problem on screen. Fans thought that Tammy got her bullying act from home, especially when they saw her rudeness toward a family member.

Tammy Bullies Nephews?

A fan went through Tammy’s YouTube Channel and compiled her videos that were ungracious to her young nephew, Dustin, son of her sister Misty. It was seen that the TLC star keeps on telling Dustin to stop bothering her and to shut up even if the young lad is quiet and seems to behave in the corner.

However, Tammy’s other nephew, Gage, has also been a victim of his aunt’s bullying. Fans have noticed her disagreeable reaction when she first saw her nephew, whom she called a “little football” and a “piglet.”

Even if Tammy used those words as an endearment, it didn’t make the fans happy, especially when they knew that she didn’t show support toward her sister Amy when she was still pregnant with Gage. Fans also hailed the TLC star as selfish and rude when they thought that Tammy was saddened when Amy poured most of her attention to her newborn child.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Just Wants To Be Herself

In other news, 1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton enjoyed her time with friends as they went to a party drinking and vaping. She mentioned that she was hyped with the idea since she never got to experience that kind of party during her teenage years.

“As a teenager, I wasn’t doing any partying. I was super shy about my weight, and I really didn’t have too many friends, so I just stayed in my little bubble,” Slaton said per People.

@itsqueentammy86♬ This is not my sound – Sekeithia

The TLC star stated that she just wanted to be herself even if anyone doesn’t like the idea. She was already at the point where she doesn’t care about anything but to just focus on herself and have a good time with her friends.

One of Tammy’s friends, Rob, mentioned that the TLC star deserved to have a break from following her diet to lose weight and qualify for weight loss surgery. He just wanted Tammy to enjoy her time and spend her night partying with liquors and pizza.

Tammy had a great time at her friend’s house and stated that she rather throws a party at a house than a bar, for she is a home person. “I can look Gucci here at the house. Leave me be. Let me be great,” she stated.

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