Alaskan Bush People: Bam Brown Joins Tiktok

Alaskan Bush People: Bam Brown Joins TiktokAlaskan Bush People spoilers and updates tease that Bam Brown has officially joined the world of TikTok. Fans are happy that he’s now part of the community given that he’s considered as the most reserved of all his siblings.

A lot of things have happened to the Brown family and the most devastating one was the passing of their patriarch, Billy Brown. Since his demise, the Wolfpack has tried to move on and Bam is doing his best to go out of his comfort zone.

Fans easily welcomed the Brown family when they first appeared on Alaskan Bush People. Viewers followed them as they lived off the land that’s away from the reach of the government. Fans considered Bam as the most reasonable one among the siblings. He always reminded his brothers to “respect danger.” Bam tends to work alone and doesn’t say that much. However, he voices his opinions on things that matter.

Bam Starts To Open Up

After his father’s passing, Bam has started to open up. He began to share selfies on social media. He was a very private person and that’s why fans were excited when they found out that he joined the TikTok community.

Most of Bam’s videos were about how life is on North Star Ranch. Fans got a glimpse of the farm animals, including Brutus the Texas Longhorn. In rare instances, Bam lets his followers see what it’s like to live on the ranch.

One of his videos showed Bam informing his viewers that he’ll always be himself. Another video showed him sending holiday greetings to his followers and thanking them for all their support.

@tattooedtwinmom Dads celebrating 5 months sober! So we got a shoutout from Joshua Bam Bam Brown #AlaskanBushPeople #bambam #soberity #fypシ ♬ original sound – Sonia Joy

Raiven Defends Gabe

As Bam enjoys his time on TikTok, Raiven is making waves once again as she defends Gabe against online trolls. She never shied away from sharing a piece of her mind especially with people who are trying to pick on their family.

Raiven is a feisty one. Even though she hasn’t appeared on the show since Noah Brown’s wedding, she’s not afraid to give trolls a piece of her mind.

Recently, she called out one commenter who had a problem when Gabe wore eyeliner. The commenter said, “can you PLEASE tell Gabe not to wear eyeliner anymore.”

Raiven replied and wrote, “honestly the most annoying comment recently he can wear whatever he wants.”

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