Dancing With The Stars Fan Fave Pro Heads To Sweden!?

Dancing With The Stars Fan Fave Pro Heads To Sweden!?Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) professional Gleb Savchenko has become a fan favorite. As a result, news that Gleb might head off to Sweden may dismay his followers. What exactly would Savchenko’s departure mean for DWTS?

Find out all about Gleb’s busy schedule in the months ahead. Plus discover his secret struggles in his personal life. We’ve got the latest on this beloved Dancing With The Stars pro below!

Gleb Savchenko Heads To DWTS In Sweden?!

Dancing With The Stars has become a world-wide phenomenon. As a result, a Swedish version of DWTS just added a U.S. DWTS fan favorite, reported Heavy. But that popular pro, Gleb, Savchenko, may not need to pack his dancing shoes in his suitcase.

Rather than coach an amateur dancer to perform with him, Gleb will take on a new role on Sweden’s DWTS version. Savchenko will step into a judge’s chair on the overseas Dancing With The Stars show. But that position, added to the DWTS pro’s other responsibilities, may spark challenges in his personal life.

DWTS Pro Struggles With Custody Concerns?!

And that position just counts as a single entry on Gleb’s busy 2022 schedule! In addition to serving as a judge on the Swedish spin-off of Dancing With The Stars, the DWTS pro reportedly will stay busy throughout the upcoming year with dance-related duties. As a result of those gigs, though, Savchenko’s ex-wife Elena Samodanova allegedly sought primary custody of their daughters, Olivia and Zlata. 

Elena reportedly made the request based on Gleb’s busy Dancing With The Stars schedule in the upcoming year. She allegedly expressed concern that the pro dancer’s professional responsibilities made him too busy to devote time to their children. Those duties reportedly range from his Swedish judging gig to filming and touring with DWTS to a dance camp in Mexico. 

Dancing With The Stars Fan Fave Pro Heads To Sweden!?

Court Documents Reportedly Reveal DWTS Pro’s Busy Schedule

Gleb Savchenko’s ex Elena Samodanova described her concerns in new court documents quoted by People. In the paperwork, she requested both full-time physical custody of their daughters and more child support. Gleb’s 37-year-old ex asked that the court modify their parenting plan for their girls Olivia, 11, and Zlata, 4, based on his schedule. 

“[Savchenko] travels extensively as a professional dancer and is not available to exercise the current custody/visitation schedule,” Elena wrote in the documents. Previously, the arrangement called for the former spouses to divide up custody in a 50/50 split. Each parent alternated physical custody every five days.

But based on Gleb’s allegedly packed 2022 schedule, Samodanova now wants “primary custody of the minor children with alternating weekends, with first right of refusal when [Savchenko] is unable to exercise his custodial time.” In addition, she suggested that the pro dancer enjoy two visits during the week with his daughters.

“In this case, it is in the best interests of Minor Children to be in the care of their mother rather than a babysitter,” she added. Samodanova listed touring for and filming DWTS, teaching a dance camp in Mexico, and judging the Swedish DWTS show as among her ex’s 2022 responsibilities.

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