Did Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Vicki Gunvalson Dodge A Bullet?

Did Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Vicki Gunvalson Dodge A Bullet?Real Housewives Of Orange County (RHOC) alum Vickie wept her eyes out over Steve Lodge. However, it seems that she dodged a bullet when their split came along. He denied that he cheated on her. However, his sudden rush to get engaged to another woman more or less supports the Bravo star’s claim that he dated a 36-year-old.

Real Housewives Of Orange County – Vicki Dates Brooks Ayers?

Over there Christmas holidays, rumors surfaced that Vicki nursed her broken heart by sitting down to dinner with her old fame, Brooks Ayers. Recall, he’s the guy that scammed viewers of the show by falsifying documents about having serious cancer. To this day, Vicki lives with the fallout over the scandal. The fact that she might still see him could support Steve Lodge’s response to her claim of cheating.

Real Housewives Of Orange County fans heard that while Vicki claimed he cheated on her, He felt the relationship ended months before. In fact, he told Page Six that they split in December 2020. However, he alleged that she wouldn’t accept it. If she still meets with Brooks Ayers, then maybe she finds it hard to let go of men who once captured her heart. Anyway, a lot of fans came out as Team Vicki in the drama.

Real Housewives Of Orange County – Steve Lodge Gets Engaged

If Steve didn’t actually split from Vicki Gunvalson in December 2020, and her claims of cheating arrived in mid-October, then he moved really fast. The news emerged this week, that he and Janis Carlson, aged 37, just became engaged. Incredibly, the news even made it to Nigeria, when NewsNigeria carried the story.

Did Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Vicki Gunvalson Dodge A Bullet
@allaboutthetea / Instagram

If Real Housewives Of Orange County fans living in West Africa natter about Steve and his new love, then you should know that Instagrammers also have their say about it. And, not much of the chatter celebrates on behalf of Steve Lodge. Strongly opinionated,
@allaboutthetea shared the post and followers dissed on Vicki’s ex.

Bravo Fans React To The Engagement News

Real Housewives Of Orange County fans chipped in their thoughts, The admin wrote, “The face of a lying, cheating, manipulative DOG! 3 months after the break up, he pulls this stunt. So glad God saved @vickigunvalson from this mess.”

Here’s the response of some fans who replied:

😬 cold blooded.

Omg I didn’t even realize they broke up! Wow !!!! Who do these men really think they are!

Vicki came out the winner here!

There has always been something sneaky about this guy. Opportunist. I really like Vicki, this is no loss for her.

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