Did Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Obtain Her Driver’s Licence Yet?

Did Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Obtain Her Driver’s Licence Yet?Sister Wives fans see that Savanah Brown, the baby in Janelle’s family isn’t a baby anymore. In fact, she turned into a beautiful young woman, fans agree. Quiet on social media, and not the focus of the show, the sister of Mykelti, Logan, Gabe, Garrison, and Hunter first appeared in a photo that showed her driving in about October last year.

Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Started Driving In 2021

Fans who follow the TLC show seemed shocked when Janelle Brown shared a photo of Savanah driving on October 7, 2021. The photo that she posted up came just days ahead of Kody posting a similar one of Robyn’s daughter Breanna learning to drive. Possibly, he didn’t teach Savanah how to drive because of his coronavirus rules. In Season 16, fans see that he grows angry with Janelle who doesn’t force the kids to stay at home.

Many Sister Wives fans exclaimed about how they still think of Savanah Brown as the baby of the family. Well, time flies by and in December 2022, she will turn 18. Typical of most teens, her social media posts sometimes question the point of life. However, she seems to be part of a very supportive family that is there for her as she progresses into adulthood. Part of growing up is driving, so did she get her license yet?

What Licence Might The Sister Wives Star Go For?

These days, Savanah Brown lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, so perhaps she went for her Class G license. When she turns 18, she might opt for the conversion of her graduated license for an under 21 type. On January 8, Janelle posted another photo of her daughter driving. In her caption, she wrote, “Driving practice 😀😳.”

Did Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Obtain Her Driver's Licence Yet
Janelle Brown / Instagram

It looks like she might not have passed her Class G yet. Or, she practices driving in order to convert the Class G license when she turns 18 later this year. Sister Wives fans know that Janelle seems like an excellent mom. So, she dedicates time to her youngest daughter. Naturally, fans took the comments section to discuss her photo.

TLC Fans Comment On Savanah Driving

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section of the post about Savanah Brown. One of them noted, “When I learned to drive in the ’80s, my dad made me drive in cemeteries-lots of turns with narrow roads and he said that I couldn’t hurt anybody there!🙄”

Well, at least Janelle didn’t do that with Savanah as the photo revealed her driving around a parking lot on a quiet day.

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