Did Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Just Clickbait MTV Fans?

Did Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Just Clickbait MTV Fans?Teen Mom alum Jenelle sometimes gets slammed just because of who she is. However, one has to wonder if she tries vying for the crown as Queen of Clickbait. Usually, it’s Nicole Nafziger from 90 Day Fiance who holds the dubious honor of the title. So, did she deliberately just clickbait MTV fans? Or, did she simply share an incorrect link in her bio?

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Opens Herself Up To Trolls

Because of her controversial history, the MTV alum tends to attract trolls. Once, she even got trolled for posting a generous giveaway. In fact, plenty of reality TV stars do exactly the same thing. However, because it was Janelle, plenty of catty comments went her way. As a young mom, fans haw her foot-stomping the throwing temper tantrums regularly. But she’s a grown adult now, and the trolling doesn’t slow down much.

For years, the Teen Mom alum sat in the middle of controversy. Like the time she started a feud with Gary Head at Easter nearly a decade ago. Recall, she’d just booked herself out of rehab, declaring she didn’t need it. Since then, she accused David Eason of domestic violence and recanted. Then, he killed her dog and she left, but they reunited. And, fans have long memories. Probably, her clickbait post enraged her critics.

Teen Mom – Jenelle Posts Clickbait?

On January 3, a post appeared on Instagram that had comments locked. Actually, that’s often a sign of clickbait. She shared a photo of herself with David Eason and then, in her caption, she wrote, “PLEASE PRAY FOR US 🙏 #linkinbio.” Well, the only link in her bio was a bitly one. And that takes fans to a story by Celebuzz. It revealed that Jenelle landed a “new show.”

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Just Clickbait MTV Fans
Jenelle Evans / Instagram

Actually, it’s not like the Teen Mom couple was offered a new reality TV show. It seems like it was just clickbait to direct folks to her YouTube vlog dated December 31. Called MUCKBANG: Mini grill, it’s one of those shows where celebs eat and talk. The celebs, in this instance, were simply David and Jenelle, and nope, it was not very different from their other vlogs.

The caption to the vid read, “Haven’t had this much fun in a long time! Decided to cook a lot of food on a little Mini Smokeless Grill that was one of David’s Christmas presents.”

Is There Anything To Pray For?

Unless the Teen Mom alums ended up with food poisoning after eating oysters, there doesn’t seem to be much to pray about. So, did she share the wrong link in her bio? More recently, soon after the clickbait post, she posted up a video about her “TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome)” diagnosis.

She awaits more tests, but if she has it, it involves a lot of pain. According to Rare Diseases Info, it comes from the “compression of 1 or more of the nerves and/or blood vessels” near the collarbone.

Do you think that Jenelle deliberately shared clickbait? Or was it an error with the link in the bio? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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