I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Wants To Get Off The Weight Loss Train

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Wants To Get Off The Weight Loss TrainI Am Jazz fans know that Jazz Jennings started her journey to transition from the male to the female gender very young. Now, she struggles with her weight. Tired of trying to lose weight, she said that she wants off of the “weight loss train.” Was she too young for all the changes in her life?

I Am Jazz – Jennings Is Down And Unmotivated Over Weight Issues

In 2021, the TLC star turned 21. So, she’s not a little girl anymore. These days, she still lives at home but looks forward to going off to college. Recall, she delayed things a year after her bottom surgery. Well, she now heads for college a lot bigger than she was. In fact, she put on more than 100-lbs. And, the news season shows her failing dismally at trying to diet properly.

I Am Jazz reveals that these days her grandma Jacky seems more understanding about how her grandaughter feels. Plus, rumors started that things get quite toxic at home. In fact, in a teaser for this week’s show, fans heard Jazz say that the family criticize her weight. As she constantly fails, she told her mom and dad that she’s tired of trying to reach a goal that keeps slipping away.

I Am Jazz – Too Much Too Soon?

Jennings now wants to put off trying to diet until she goes to college. Plus, she hopes to do more than diet and change her entire lifestyle. While Jazz feels college might be a better time to lose weight, fans know that young folks in college often struggle to adapt. That might even make her eat more junk food.  Actually, she reasons that it will work if she makes decisions for herself. Jenning is tired of doing things that other people want.

I Am Jazz Jennings Wants To Get Off The Weight Loss Train
TLC – Instagram

I Am Jazz fans debated the scene in the teaser on Instagram. Some folks speculated that Jazz packed in way too many changes in her life way too fast. Some of them feel that she started her journey too young: not in a horrid way, but because they care about her mental health.

TLC Fans Comment

I Am Jazz fans commented and one of them suggested, “She’s always has something going on where they have to stop living to make her happy. She wasn’t ready for all this adult stuff she went through as a child.”

Another fan replied, “🔥100%!!! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking this entire time I’ve been watching her story! I really wonder after all this, is she truly deep down happy and content with herself and her life that she’s created for herself?”

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