Isabel Roloff Reveals How She Copes With Trolls

Isabel Roloff Reveals How She Copes With TrollsLPBW fans took a deep interest in Isabel Roloff when she fell pregnant. Of course, her husband Jacob remains popular to this day, despite leaving the TLC show. Unfortunately, her popularity brings more fans, but along with them come trolls. So, how does she deal with that?

LPBW Trolls Hound Isabel Roloff

Nobody who doesn’t troll really understands why people do it. Actually, a lot of folks spend their time on social media telling them off, but it seldom helps much. At one stage, Isabel hit back often and called them out.

These days, she tends to ignore the majority of them and that probably rankles with them. Psychologists examine them, and public debate only seems to make them worse. Perhaps ignoring them is the best way.

Some LPBW fans troll on Isabel and Jacob Roloff because they choose to keep their son Mateo private. Meanwhile, others just hate because they can and they certainly check out all the posts for something to complain about.

Actually, folks in the limelight are not the only ones who get that. Even people who are not influencers tend to find ugly comments in their inboxes from time to time. So, the way Isabel copes with it all might help them as well.

LPBW Fans Hear How Isabel Copes

Isabel Roloff doesn’t kill her trolls with kindness. If you throw your mind back, you might recall that Rebecca Parrot from 90 Day Fiance tried that and it never worked. Instead, Jacob’s wife just fills the world with sunshine to offset the vibe in the world.

In her Stories, she shared some nice comments and then talked about trolls. She noticed that when she does call out the trolls, a lot of folks seem puzzled by it. Then she wrote, “Kindness and goodness always outweighs the bad.” 

LPBW Spoilers Isabel Rolloff Reveals How She Copes With Trolls
Isabel Roloff / Instagram Stories

LPBW fans know that Isabel is quite spiritual. So, they probably understand when she said, “I like to shine the light on the world.” She added, “It is important to remember to be overly kind in your day to day lives to offset the energy of people like this.”

It’s well-known that negative energy can affect everyone, every single day. So, offsetting that with positive energy could be good for our mental health. Certainly, it can only improve the situation.

Your Thoughts On Coping With Trolls

Loyal LPBW fans might take a leaf out of Isabel Roloff’s book of personal philosophy. After all, trolls pop like mushrooms: in the workplace, online, and even at school. How do you cope with it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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