Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Face Backlash For Using Mateo As A Prop

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Face Backlash For Using Mateo As A PropLittle People, Big World spoilers and updates tease that Isabel Roloff is taking heat as fans believe that she’s using her new baby, Mateo, as a prop. Critics started to call her out after she posted a recent photo of her baby on social media.

Giving Mateo A Private Life

She and her husband, Jacob Roloff, welcomed their baby boy, Mateo, in early December. Before his birth, the couple agreed to keep their baby a private life. Jacob knows how hard it is to always be in the public eye. That’s the life he had since his family got involved with TLC’s show. That’s why they decided to give their child a different life.

Jacob and Isabel agreed that they would only post photos of their baby that won’t reveal his real identity. They share photos of Mateo where his face is not visible. The pair has posted photos of his hands and feet.

Some fans would like to see what Mateo looks like, which is why they don’t seem to understand the couple’s decision. But they can’t tell the couple how they want to raise their child.

Is Isabel Using Mateo As A Prop?

However, some people are now wondering if the pair is just doing this to draw the public’s attention to them.

In a recent Instagram post, Isabel shared a photo of her holding Mateo, who was wearing a warm and cozy bear suit. But their backs were facing the camera as they both looked at the snow.

In the caption, Isabel revealed that Mateo is experiencing his very first snow.

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Face Backlash For Using Mateo As A Prop

Fans of Little People, Big World are discussing Isabel’s new photo on Reddit. One Redditor said that the pair’s decision not to put their baby on social media was commendable. However, he pointed out that that’s exactly what they’ve been doing ever since he was born. The fan feels as though they’re using him to increase their engagement.

“They’ve been using their baby boy as a prop, and when people show interest, they put them on blast,” the Redditor said.

Another user agreed and said that it seems like Isabel and Jacob are posting Mateo’s photos to get more attention.

“It’s that they want to protect his privacy, which is perfectly fine, but then they show the back of the kid just to generate attention and comments so that Jacob could say something nasty as he always does,” the user said.

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