Love During Lockup: How Did Indie’s Harry Land Up Behind Bars?

Love During Lockup: How Did Indie’s Harry Land Up Behind Bars?Love During Lockup airs on Fridays on WETV and fans start to get to know the cast. Indie seems so obsessed with Harry who sits in prison, that she wants to relocate. That means her daughter will go with her, and she reasons that it’s the right thing to do. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of problems standing in the way.

Love During Lockup Cast – Harry And Indie

The new show brings Tai, a mortician, Max, who is determined to date an inmate, and Chris, who has a decent bank balance. Then, there’s Santiba, who came along with some interesting spoilers. Well, Indie is there too, and of all of them, she seems to face the most problems. Her man Harry sits behind bars for kidnapping and robbery. She’s determined to change up her life in pursuit of her man in orange.

Love During Lockup is all about people who sit in prison while those outside try and develop a relationship. The show slots in before After Lockup, so fans see the beginnings of the journey. As you can imagine, it’s not that easy to get to know people behind bars. So, it’s a huge challenge. But, Indie is so convinced that Harry’s her man, that she consulted with a psychic.

Love During Lockup Indie’s Man Harry Has A Violent Arrest Record

In all of the shows, family members seem concerned about relationships with inmates Meanwhile, in the case of Indie, her mom is a bounty hunter. Naturally, she’s not happy about the romance. Taken from her point of view, she knows there are some really bad people in jail. But, how bad is Harry?

Love During Lockup Spoilers Santiba And TalseyThe trailer for Love During Lockup revealed that Indie’s mom and some other guy get into it with her. Actually, both of them seem horrified as Harry kidnapped someone. Starcasm reminds readers that Harry went before the court on charges of “kidnapping and aggravated robbery.” It all went down in 2017, and in a plea deal, a lot of charges were dropped. So, he only serves four years behind bars.

Was Harry’s Crime Violent?

Love During Lockup fans might agree with Indie’s mom that Harry sounds like a dangerous sort of guy. His kidnapping and robbery charge involved a 73-year-old man. Additionally, guns were involved! It all went down with Harry and three of his buddies, who decided to rob the older guy. Admittedly, Harry’s not the one who held a gun to his head. However, his association with the other guys seems highly dodgy.

Harry was involved in pushing him to the ground and stealing his phone and wallet. Additionally, Harry forced his victim to hand over his pin number. Next, one of the guys drew cash from the ATM. Not content with that, they then made the victim take them to one of his friend’s places. Running away didn’t help their victim, as they caught him and beat him up.

It was only thanks to an armed witness that things didn’t go any further. What are your thoughts on Indie wanting to take up with a violent criminal? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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