LPBW: Isabel Roloff Writing Story of Mateo’s Birth, ‘Painful [for her] to Relive’

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Little People Big World’s Isabel Roloff plans to share the story of son Mateo’s birth and says, “it was painful for me to relive.”

Isabel, 25, took to Instagram Stories recently to share the news that she is writing about her first birth experience with son Mateo. It’s possible that the experience is what has inspired her to become a doula.

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Little People Big World: Isabel Tells Fans She, ‘Felt Called to Share’

Emblazoned across the beautiful image of what seems to be Isabel holding a pink rose the Little People Big World star wrote out her thoughts.

“Okay, so I’m not sure if anyone is still interested but I’ve begun writing my birth story out,” she said, prefacing her Instagram Story, “mostly just for my own memory but I have felt called to share it lately.” The Little People Big World star wrote of how painful it was to relive the experience but remarked also on how “very cathartic” it was to “get it out.” Now she’s in thought about where to release it.

“Blog, Patreon, a podcast? I’m just thinking out loud here and pondering” she wrote, closing with, “if you were interested which would you rather?”

Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Inspired to Become a Doula

A doula is usually a woman, without formal training, that is employed to provide guidance and support to a woman that is in labor. After Isabel’s experience with childbirth, she apparently was inspired to become a doula because, in her next Instagram Story, she discussed just that.

“It would be an honor to walk people through that and especially help them to navigate what a birth plan means and what to do if it has to change,” she wrote, concluding with, “If you know of any amazing doula programs or doulas I could speak to, reach out!”

Little People Big World fans will recall that Isabel and Jacob, 24, were introduced to their first son Mateo Tomas on December 4, 2021, at 40 minutes past midnight.

Little People Big World: Family Reunion

Recently Isabel, Tori, 31, and Audrey, 30, reunited as sisters-in-law to celebrate Audrey’s son Bode’s birthday.

The Little People Big World family got together on January 8, 2022, for a tractor ride to celebrate young Bode’s first full year on earth. Jeremy, 31, piloted the tractor while his son Bode rode on his lap.

In an uplifting snapshot, we see Isabel resting her head on sister-in-law Tori’s shoulder with Audrey sitting next to them in the back of the Chevy.

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