Shauna Rae Becomes TLC’s Hottest Reality TV Star [Watch!]

Shauna Rae Becomes TLC's Hottest Reality TV Star [Watch!]Shauna Rae just became TLC’s newest reality TV star. At 22, the star of the channel’s new show, “I Am Shauna Rae” looks like an 8-year-old. And as Rae recalls in the recently premiered series, that leads to some extremely uncomfortable dating challenges. 

Learn all about Shauna and her new show. Plus see why the 22-year-old describes her 16th year as her most miserable. And don’t miss the video clip from “I Am Shauna Rae” below!

Meet The Star Of ‘I Am Shauna Rae’

Shauna Rae has struggled in learning to accept herself. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at 6-months-old, Shauna underwent treatment. But although Rae went into remission, her pituitary gland suffered. As a result, the “I Am Shauna Rae” star experienced stunted growth, she told People.

And at 22, Shauna resembles an 8-year-old. At 3 feet, 10 inches tall, Rae pleads for others to understand her. She just wants “people to treat me like a normal human,” she added.

But that plea has not yet resulted in true acceptance. Shauna hopes she can achieve that goal through her new series. “I believe that my story is relatable to everyone because I’ve felt different my entire life,” added Rae. 

Shauna Rae Confesses Dating Dilemma: ‘Creeps’!

As a result of her stunted growth and appearance, Shauna experiences dating dilemmas. And she doesn’t hold back in describing those challenges. Her “romantic life sucks,” confesses the “I Am Shauna Rae” star. 

“I’ve dated like 7 people. I attract creeps, a-holes — you know the typical ‘bad boy picture’ situation. And idiots,” added Rae. “I have to have in-person conversations before we even think about going on a date.” For instance, the new reality TV star needs to understand how her prospective beau might react in public situations.

“I have to know how this person reacts in public areas,” she pointed out. “Because I can’t date someone unless they can take all of that on. And it’s a lot to ask someone to take on,” she admitted.

Shauna Rae Becomes TLC's Hottest Reality TV Star [Watch!]

‘I Am Shauna Rae’ Star Appears In Video Clip [Watch!]

But despite those unusual dating challenges, Shauna hopes that others understand her through her new show. Rae points out that her feelings rather than her situation helps her relate. As a result, she hopes viewers will relate to her own “emotional turmoil.” 

For instance, like many preteens and teens, Shauna faced her biggest challenges in junior high and high school. At 16, Rae learned her growth had stopped. That discovery represents her lowest point. “I always imagined that I would be tall,” she confessed.

As a result, Shauna isolated herself. And after beginning school online, Rae learned to focus on herself. She achieved her goal of finding herself and becoming “happy with who I am.” Now, through her show, she hopes she can help others.  Watch the video clip below to learn more!

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