Sister Wives: Meri Brown Cries Over Kody Brown COVID Crisis

sister wives meri brownSister Wives spoilers hint that one of Kody Brown’s four spouses breaks down in tears. As a result of a COVID crisis, Meri Brown feels pushed to the breaking point. But does Meri choose the Brown family patriarch, polygamy king Kody, for her confidant?!

Find out what awaits on upcoming episodes of Sister Wives below. And see the surprising choice that Meri made in confessing her heartbreak. Plus: Did Meri win any fan loyalty?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Breaks Down In Tears

Meri Brown has earned a reputation as one of Kody Brown’s more obedient, quieter wives. But Sister Wives sneak peeks show that Meri open up about the family’s COVID-19 crisis, reported the Sun.  As a result of that crisis, the usually stoic Meri can’t stop her tears.

The Sister Wives spoilers show that the Brown family patriarch won’t budge on his extremely strict rules about the COVID pandemic. But could Meri’s breakdown change his  mind? Well, maybe.

The dramatic teasers reveal that Kody uses the pandemic as a way to separate his four wives and their children. But Meri views his rules as turning into a COVID crisis. And as she cries, she manages to blurt out, “Nobody is fighting for our family.”

Meri Brown Picks This Wife For Crisis!

Fans of the polygamy reality TV show tend to view Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth wife, as the villain. They believe that Kody favors Robyn unfairly and that she often possesses all the power behind his polygamy throne. As a result, Robyn, 43, seems like the last person in whom Meri, 50, would confide. But surprise!

Meri chooses Robyn for her breakdown, according to spoilers. The sneak peek shows the 50-year-old relaxing outside in a camper chair with Robyn. “Everybody is ready to do their own thing for the holidays,” points out Meri.

And then come the breakdown and tears. “This isn’t the family that I signed up for,” wails Meri. And another surprise awaits viewers. Robyn has become known for always siding with and defending Kody.

But when Meri tearfully admits to her disappointment, Robyn spills her own shocking confession. “I’m worried about kids that aren’t seeing their dad,” revealed Kody’s fourth wife. And she also shared her concerns about the other spouses.

“I’m worried about the wives that aren’t seeing Kody,” admitted Robyn. And Meri agrees. The 50-year-old worries that all the family members have backed off as a result of Kody’s strict rules. “Nobody is fighting for our family right now,” shares Meri.

Sister Wives Fans React To Meri’s Breakdown

But Meri didn’t win any nominations for Sister Wives fan favorite. As a result of her confession, some viewers even mocked her. Several pointed out that Kody’s other wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, seem justified for their decisions to avoid a family gathering.

“Oh, boo hoo, Christine and Janelle chose their kids, love and happiness over Robyn and Kody’s depressing, glare filled and hate filled dinner. I don’t blame them,” wrote one fan. And others slammed Robyn for her own confession. “I call BS, Robyn is the only person in the world with perfect obedient children. She re-writes history to fit the narrative,” shared the viewer.

Tell us what do you think? Do you agree that Meri and Robyn complained about the rest of the family unfairly? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more Sister Wives news! 

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