Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Outraged by Kody Brown’s Statements

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Outraged by Kody Brown’s StatementsSister Wives spoilers reveal that fans are very upset over what Kody Brown has said about Christine Brown over their years of marriage. Christine chose to leave the Brown family because of how Kody treated her, but it looks like fans of the show are pretty tired of how he has treated her over the years. Kody and Christine were together for 27 years and Christine’s fans are ready to stand up for her.


We have seen Kody treating all of his wives differently. He is very close to Robyn Brown and most fans feel like she is the favorite wife. Then there is Janelle Brown, who has stood by him no matter what, and Meri Brown, who has been told that he doesn’t even love her. We expected Meri to leave first, but Christine was quick to go and we can see why.

As Kody has made rules for the pandemic for the family, the wives all have very strong opinions about them. They are a family and they want to be able to see one another. Kody told Christine that she wasn’t taking these rules seriously and traveling put the entire family at risk. Meanwhile, Kody asked Janelle to kick out one of their sons because he was going to see his girlfriend. Are the COVID rules the real reason that Christine left or was it more?

Loyalty to the Family

Kody has been dropping hints for years that Christine is not loyal to the family and now it is coming out once again. Fans have been supporting Christine’s marriage to him and it looks like they completely support her decision to leave as well.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Outraged by Kody Brown’s Statements

Kody told Christine that she needs to “honor the family” to show that she loves him. Her not following the COVID rules show that she was not following through with this, according to Kody

Kody’s rules for the pandemic really have set some fans off. They don’t believe that he had the right to make these rules up and they really did change the entire family dynamic.

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  1. Foxy007 says

    Kody seems to expect the wives to be submissive. He doesn’t like the fact that the wives have found their voices. He only visited Christine twice a week, and from what she said, he barely stays when he does. So of course she would rather spend time with her kids. I would always put my kids first. But he isn’t making the wives his priority so why should they. He is demonstrating a very patriarchal view and I think the wives have had enough. He does seem to prefer Robyn, although she doesn’t want him living with her all the time. It is sad to see the families crumbling. But, each wife have their own kids who spend more time with their mums than Kody anyway. He is not displaying a good example of how a husband should be behaving.

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  3. […] Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Outraged by Kody Brown’s Statements […]

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