Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Sparks Controversy With New Instagram Post!

 Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Sparks Controversy With New Instagram Post!Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently stole the polygamy reality TV show spotlight. And at first, fans cheered Christine for dropping her “I quit Kody Brown marriage” bombshell! But now the Sister Wives star has courted controversy in a new Instagram post. 

Find out why Christine’s new social media post has gotten so many mixed reactions. Plus: Discover the Sister Wives star’s REAL reason for stepping away from her polygamous husband. We’ve got all you need to know below!

Christine Brown Reveals New Attitude, Revenge Body On Instagram

Newly single, new attitude, AND a new revenge body! Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared it all in her new Instagram post. Long blonde hair loose over her shoulders, the noticeably slimmer reality TV star posed in two different photos. 

In the first picture, Christine looked down, appearing thoughtful. But clicking through revealed the Sister Wives star beaming at the camera with her head held high. And as one fan wrote, “You look like you lost about 160 pounds (Kody), you’re glowing, and you look beautiful!” 

The Sister Wives star shared her new views on life in her caption. “As long as I can wear this @lularoe #lulusuit I can handle anything today! #comfort #cute #lularoeretailers #lularoe,” wrote Christine. 

Sister Wives Star Sparks Instagram Controversy Over THIS!

Christine Brown’s Instagram followers cheered for her positive approach to life. But four words in her caption sparked controversy: “@lularoe #lulusuit #lularoeretailers #lularoe.” The Lularoe clothing company allegedly targets moms, using questionable business tactics to promote their women’s attire, according to OK.

And one fan kept the response simple. “You’ve done so great. Now get away from Lularoe,” advised Christine’s follower. And another chimed in, “I agree! Don’t associate with that terrible company.” 

But some fans defended the Sister Wives star. They pointed out that Christine may need to support herself with her Lularoe sales. “No one forces people to sign up,” shared one defender. 

 Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Sparks Controversy With New Instagram Post!

Why Did Christine Leave Kody Brown?

The Sister Wives star focused on her future in her new Instagram post. But some fans still want to know exactly why Christine left Kody Brown. That split occurred after Christine shared that she longed to return to Utah, reported the Sun.

In the wake of her desire, Kody emphasized that he would not support his third wife in that goal. As a result, Christine felt she needed to make a choice. And her social media statement spelled out her reasoning. “After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” wrote the Sister Wives star.

In addition to Christine, Kody has juggled three other wives on the reality TV star. Meri, Janelle, and Robyn reportedly have decided not to follow Christine’s example. Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, has remained his favorite, causing occasional turmoil among the other wives. 

What do you think about Christine Brown’s decision to hype Lularoe? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for more Sister Wives news.

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