Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Demands Respect From His Wives

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Demands Respect From His Wives  Sister Wives star Kody Brown told Christine that she must respect him. Then, he told Janelle she must also respect him. And, in a teaser for Season 16, he told the camera that all his wives must respect him. Well, here’s the memo that Kody didn’t seem to get: A man earns respect, and no amount of demanding will make it happen.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Gets Extreme

The coronavirus brought unique problems to the family in Flagstaff. Unlike most married couples, Kody lives with various wives in various homes. So, getting each wife to agree to his social distancing rules became problematic. Bear in mind, he’s really only a part-time father and husband to each wife. And, during the coronavirus, he lived almost full-time with Robyn, so why should he dictate how the rest of them live?

Sister Wives fans grew furious with Kody Brown when he demanded that Janelle evict her sons because they won’t follow his rules. Well, as he hardly ever stays with Janelle anymore, fans thought that was taking things too far. According to Kody, Janelle and her kids don’t respect him. Well, he lost their respect, and Janelle let him know it when she told him to “F–k off.” 

Sister Wives – Respect Goes Both Ways

When Kody Brown talks about respect, it seems that he confuses the word with blind obedience. Ranting about those who live by their own rules, he equated it with loyalty. In his book, it seems if the wives don’t obey his dictates 100%, then they are not loyal. And, not being loyal means they disrespect him.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Demands Respect From His Wives
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Sister Wives star Janelle said in her confessional, that respect works both ways. And, many TLC fans absolutely agree with her. Actually, when he gets like this, fans applaud Christine for just getting out of it all. Plus, some fans wonder just how long Janelle will put up with him. After all, her kids seem disgusted with their father.

Will Robyn Keep Her Prize?

Sister Wives fans are convinced that Robyn completely supports Kody Brown to foster division among the other wives. She denies it of course, but perhaps the other wives begin to see that she has no intention of sharing her husband with the rest of the family. At least, that’s what fans hope. Christine saw the light and took her disrespect elsewhere. Time will tell if Janelle does likewise.

In the comments of the teaser, one fan asked, “Loyal? Where is his respect for his wives?!” In reply, another fan noted, “That’s the real question! It goes both ways, Kody, but evidently not in a plural marriage??”

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