Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Is Lost For Words About Caleb

 Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Is Lost For Words About CalebSister Wives fans watch season 16, a competitive trainwreck, but Maddie Brown Brush carries on life with her adorable family. Very little in the way of drama comes from the daughter of Janelle and her husband Caleb. Caleb seems likes like a keeper, and she loves him so much, she’s lost for words.

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Shouts Out Caleb

When Maddie moved into a new home in North Carolina, she and Caleb looked forward to enjoying big gatherings with the family. However, they discovered a multitude of problems inside. The older home could certainly accommodate lots of people, but problems lurked. Caleb replaced the tiles, renovated the kitchen, and sorted out the carpeting on the stairs. Good with his hands, he also painted it up in bright, clean colors.

Well, the problems didn’t end there, as Maddie Brown Brush explained to her Sister Wives fans.  The doors inside were exterior doors, so he repaired the locks. Then, they discovered that mold infested the place. So, Caleb rode to the rescue once again. In the meantime, he works all day, and he always makes time for the kids, Axel and Evie. So, he seems like a real treasure. Now, on his birthday, she shouted out her husband

Sister Wives Star Lost For Words

Maddie Brown Brush took to her Instagram and reminded fans that Caleb just celebrated his birthday. In the past, TLC fans saw her try and describe all his best traits. However, this time, she just ran out of words. So, she captioned her post with, “I love you more than I will ever have words for! 💛💛”

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Caleb
Maddie Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star also said,It’s a day late on IG but happy belated birthday to my love @brushcaleb !! I hope you never doubt how important you are and how much we truly appreciate all you do!” Well, her fans can appreciate a good man, dad, and husband. So, they also talked about Caleb.

Birthday Wishes For Caleb

Sister Wives fans like Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb. Actually, they set parenting goals for many TLC fans. So, plenty of best wishes went the way of Caleb this year. Unfortunately, fans don’t see much of the couple on the show these days. Still, that doesn’t affect their popularity.

One fan told Maddie, “Great photo! Happy birthday Caleb.🎈🎉.” Meanwhile, others liked the photo that revealed how close the couple is. Maddie married Caleb soon after she met him. She dropped out of college and some critics thought she threw away her life. However, it turned out that Caleb made her whole. These days, she looks after the home, raises the kids, and studies from home.

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